Vibenshus Runddel Station

Vibenshus Runddel is an underground Copenhagen Metro station located at Vibenshus Runddel, at the corner of Jagtvej and Nørre Allé, in the Outer Østerbro district of Copenhagen, Denmark. The station is on the City Circle Line (M3), between Poul Henningsens Plads and Skjolds Plads, and is in Zone 2.[2]

Vibenshus Runddel
Copenhagen Metro Station
Coordinates55°42′22.5″N 12°33′50.9″E
Owned byMetroselskabet
Other information
Fare zone2[1]
Opened29 September 2019


Preparations such as wire work and archeological excavations began ultimo 2010 and construction work began ultimo 2012. The station was opened on 29 September 2019 together with 16 other stations of the line.[3]


The main staircase faces Vibenhus Runddel and a secondary emergency stairvase faces the other way. The escalator shaft is clad with white panels with exposed undersides in the colours yellow, green, blue, red and orange. The colours are a reference to nearby Fælledparken.


Preceding station   Copenhagen Metro   Following station
toward Nørrebro
toward København H


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