The channel launched on 17 October 2008, when Viasat re-tooled their sports channels in Norway and Sweden. Together with Viasat Motor, it replaced Viasat Sport 1, 2 and 3 in Norway.

Launched17 October 2008
Owned byNordic Entertainment Group
Broadcast areaNorway
Formerly calledViasat Sport (2008-2017)
ReplacedViasat Sport 1
Viasat Sport 2
Viasat Sport 3
Viasat Fotball
Viasat Motor
Viasat Hockey
Sister channel(s)Viasat Golf

Viasport is a Norwegian television channel.

When the channel launched, exclusive highlights on the channel were several football events such as the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, 2010 World Cup qualifications, the FA Cup and League Cup, as well as Formula One, NFL, boxing, cycling, GET-ligaen and Ice Hockey World Championship.[1]



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