Viasat Ticket

Viasat Ticket or Viasat Ticket 1 (2002) is a Scandinavian pay-per-view/pay-per-day service. Viasat Ticket 2-10 was closed down in 2006 and Viasat Ticket 1 or Just Viasat Ticket was still available to 2009 (1998-2009). Viasat Ticket PPV/PPD brand was available from 1998-2009 in Viasat Scandinavia. Viasat Ticket was replaced with VOD service Viasat On Demand 2009 later renamed Viaplay (2010) and Viasat TV1000 later renamed to Viasat Film (2012)/ Viasat's Erotic channels. Viasat Ticket 1/Viasat Ticket is still existing on Sirius 4/Astra 4A (5.0E) satellite, but there is only a black screen.

Viasat Ticket
Owned byModern Times Group)
Sister channel(s)Viasat Ticket 2-10 (2002-2006), Private Spice 2008-2012
WebsiteNorwegian site

Swedish site
Finnish site

Danish site


  • Viasat Ticket 2-10 2002-2006
  • Viasat Ticket/Viasat Ticket 1 1998-2009
  • Private Spice (Erotic movies) 2008-2012
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