Very Old Barton

Very Old Barton is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey produced in Bardstown, Kentucky and aged 4 or 6 years by the Sazerac Company at its Barton Distillery.[1] It is bottled in 80-, 86-, 90- and 100-proof bottled-in-bond (US) expressions. Tasting notes: "Rich, tawny amber hue. Lean woody aroma. A firm attack leads to a medium bodied palate with a drying woody character. Dry, warm finish."

Very Old Barton 6 Year 80prf 750ml
TypeBourbon whiskey
ManufacturerThe Sazerac Company
Country of originKentucky, United States
Alcohol by volume40.00%
Proof (US)80
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Jim Murray's Whisky Bible has given Very Old Barton 80 Proof a 90.5 rating. On February 16, 2011, Very Old Barton 100 Proof tied with Evan Williams "Black Label" as "Best Buy Whisk(e)y of the Year" in the 17th Annual Whisky Advocate[2] Whisky Awards.


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