Vert skating

Vert skating (or vertical skating) is riding inline skates or roller skates on a vert ramp, a half-pipe with some vertical ascent, usually between 6in to 24in. Vert skating is a form of acrobatics performed with skates. The purpose of vert skating is to ride higher than the coping (which is the metal pipe on top of the ramp) and perform spins or flips.[1] It focuses on complicated aerial maneuvers, such as spins and flips.[2] The intent of the skater is to build speed until they are of sufficient height above the edge of the ramp to perform various aerial acrobatics.[3] In competitions skaters have limited time, often less than a minute, to impress the judges by landing numerous and difficult tricks, having a good flow and consistency, having creativity with the routine and most importantly having a good style.[4]

The sport was included in the first X-Games in 1995. Vert skating is considered a challenging sport: as of 2012 there are fewer than 15 professional vert skaters attending competitions.

Vert skating is used in competitions such as the X Games. Vert ramps are found in many modern skateparks.

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