Vere Wynne-Jones

Vere Wynne-Jones (June 29, 1950 – July 23, 2006), a native of County Limerick, Ireland was originally a teacher, then a broadcast journalist, sports commentator, latterly a public relations advisor and public relations educator. He was the son of a Church of Ireland clergyman, Reverend Martin Jones and was familiar to audiences of RTE radio and television and to audiences of Dublin station Q 102 for his news reading, news reports and sports commentaries.[1]

Wynne-Jones was educated at Villiers Secondary School, Limerick and later at Trinity, College, Dublin where he studied economics and politics. His teaching career brought him to Newpark Comprehensive School, Blackrock, County Dublin and he played an important role in the conceptual design of the Transition Year programme.

He was a member of the Masonic Order and discussed the work of the Freemasons on television.

He was a diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2002 and also underwent treatment for liver cancer. He died on 23 July 2006, aged 56.[1]


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