Venetian Nights

Venetian Nights (French: Nuits de Venise) is a 1931 German French-language operetta film directed by Pierre Billon and Robert Wiene and starring Janine Guise, Germaine Noizet and Roger Tréville. It was an alternative-language version of the 1931 film The Love Express, made at the Emelka Studios in Munich.

Venetian Nights
Directed byPierre Billon
Robert Wiene
Written byAlexander Engel
Ladislaus Vajda
Andor Zsoldos
StarringJanine Guise
Germaine Noizet
Roger Tréville
Music byMax Niederberger
Greenbaum Film
Release date
January 1931


After winning a cash prize in a contest a young woman decides to visit Venice. She hires a secretary, a wealthy young man in disguise, to accompany her on the holiday. Once in Italy she attracts several suitors but her real love is her secretary. When she discovers he has deceived her she returns to Berlin on the express and he pursues her to try and declare his love.[1]



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