Vektor SS-77

The Vektor SS-77 is a general-purpose machine gun designed and manufactured by Denel Land Systems—formerly Lyttleton Engineering Works (LIW)—of South Africa.

TypeGeneral Purpose Machine Gun
Place of originSouth Africa
Service history
Used bySee Users
WarsSouth African Border War
Rwandan Civil War
Kivu conflict
Production history
ManufacturerDenel Land Systems
Mass9.6 kg (21 lb 3 oz) (SS-77)
8.26 kg (18 lb 3 oz) (Mini SS)
Length1155 mm (SS-77)
1000 mm (Mini-SS)
Barrel length550 mm (SS-77)
500 mm (Mini-SS)

Cartridge7.62×51mm NATO (SS-77)
5.56×45mm NATO (Mini-SS)
ActionGas-operated, open bolt
Rate of fire600–900 rounds/min
Feed systemDisintegrating R1M1 link belt
alternatively disintegrating M13 belt or non-disintegrating DM1 belt (SS-77)
Disintegrating M27 belt (Mini-SS)


In the late 1970s, South Africa was involved in an international controversy over apartheid and the South African Border War in Angola. As a result, it was subject to an international arms embargo and had to, out of necessity, design and manufacture its own weapons.[1] The SS-77 was developed to replace the FN MAG. It was designed in 1977 by Richard Joseph Smith and Lazlo Soregi, hence the name "SS-77". "SS" for Smith and Soregi, "77" for 1977, the year it was designed.[1]

Denel unveiled at the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) 2016 exhibit that they'll be replaced in production by the DMG-5 and DMG-5 CX GPMG.[2]

SS-77s typically feed ammunition using an R1M1 disintegrating link belt, though M13 disintegrating link belts and non-disintegrating DM1 belts are also compatible. The belt may also be further contained in a dust-proof nylon pouch with a 100-round capacity, or a waterproof and rigid box with a 200-round capacity.


In the early 1990s, a light machine gun version, the Mini-SS, chambered in 5.56×45mm NATO was introduced. LIW also manufactured kits to convert existing SS-77 to the Mini-SS. Changes include the weight decrease from 9.6 to 8.26 kg (21 lb 3 oz to 18 lb 3 oz) with a folding bipod and fixed butt.[3]




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