Vaughan Savidge

Vaughan Edward Savidge (born 6 June 1956) is a former British freelance newsreader for BBC Radio 3, continuity announcer for BBC Radio 4, and formerly a newsreader the World Service. He also performed spoof news items on Armando Iannucci's Charm Offensive.

Early life

Born in Luton on the same day as Björn Borg, he spent his early years travelling around Africa, Australia and Singapore.


He returned to Britain for a few years with his family, but then gained his first job as a trainee journalist at Radio Television Hong Kong, where he dubbed Kung Fu films including The One Armed Swordsman.[1] Later he joined the British Forces Broadcasting Service in Gibraltar.[2] After a spell working in television in Germany he returned to London in 1996 where he joined Radio 4 as a newsreader, later adding work for Radio 3 and the World Service. In later years Vaughan could only be heard on Radio 3 and Radio 4, before leaving both stations in spring 2018.

Personal life

He lives in Great Bromley, Essex, with his wife Katherine.


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