Vasily Ivanov

Vasily Ivanov (Russian: Василий Иванов; born 8 November 1972) is a Russian former swimmer who won silver medals in the 4×100 m medley relay at the 1992 Summer Olympics[1] and 1994 World Aquatics Championships.[2] He also won three gold medals in the 50 m breaststroke at the European Short Course Swimming Championships of 1991–1993. In 1991, he set a world record in the 100 m breaststroke (long course).[3]

Vasily Ivanov
Personal information
Born (1972-11-08) 8 November 1972
Samara, USSR

Ivanov specialized in spint disciplines in short-course competitions (25 m pool) due to his massive body structure, which was well adapted to a strong start and fast and powerful turns at the wall. After retirement from swimming in 1994–1995 he worked as a vice-president of the housing company PTS-Servis in Samara. He also played ice hockey for a local team and competed in swimming in the masters category. He is married and has three daughters.[3]


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