Vasai Creek

Vasai Creek is an estuarine creek, one of the two main distributaries of the Ulhas River in Maharashtra state of western India. The Ulhas splits at the northeast corner of Salsette Island into its two main distributaries, Vasai Creek and Thane Creek. Vasai Creek forms the northern boundary of Salsette Island and empties west into the Arabian Sea. Thane creek empties southwards into Bombay Harbour.

Vasai Creek
View of Vasai creek from the fort's watch tower
Vasai Creek
Location in Mumbai, India
Coordinates: 19.315°N 72.875°E / 19.315; 72.875
Country India
Named forVasai village
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)

To the south of the creek lies the Bhayandar shore, which is developed on both sides of the railway track. Two railway bridges connect Naigaon and other stations to the Western suburbs. Old bridge is believed to have been built during the British Raj and has been closed since it was declared too dangerous to cross. The new bridge is functional and has 4 tracks. The Bhayandar seashore has been developed with protective measures for enthusiasts. It houses a children's park, playground, pooja area, and visarjan area for idol immersion on the east side. On the west there are small garden benches. There are also small paths heading down into the sea where the waves can be watched hitting the shoreline.


The areas around the Vasai creek have been developing at high pace. To accommodate the growing demand of transport, the creek is being looked forward to be used as a waterway to boost inland water and cargo transport. The Maharashtra Maritime Board (MMB) is developing coastal shipping facilities at five points in the Vasai Creek. The five points under consideration are Bhayander, Gaimukh, Kolshet, Majiwada and Kalher.[1]

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