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Vantage Hospitality Group Inc. operates hotels in the United States and internationally. Its brands include Best Value Inn and Lexington by Vantage. In 2016, Vantage Hospitality Group was acquired by Red Lion Hotels Corp.

Vantage Hospitality Group Inc.
FateAcquired by Red Lion Hotels Corporation
DefunctSeptember 30, 2016 (September 30, 2016)
Number of locations
1000+ (United States and Canada)
ParentRed Lion Hotels Corporation


Vantage Hospitality Group was founded in 1999 and had over 1,000 properties around the U.S. and Canada by 2016.[1] By 2016, Vantage Hospitality operated 10 brands, including Best Value Inn and Value Inn Worldwide.[1]

America's Best Value Inn received a Hotel Vikas diamond award in 2010 in the Best Hotel Franchisor category.[2] Hotel Vikas is a trade publication targeted to hotel CEOs.

In 2005, Vantage introduced the Lexington by Vantage brand.[3]

In 2014, Vantage acquired America's Best Franchising and its brands: America's Best Inns & Suites, Country Hearth Inns & Suites, Jameson Inn, Signature Inn, and 3 Palms Hotels and Resorts.[4] As part of the acquisition, Vantage plans to restart the Signature Inn chain, which is inactive.[5]

On September 14, 2016 Red Lion Hotels announced it was acquiring Vantage for $23 million.[6]


United States

  • America's Best Inns: A chain of economy hotels. Vantage plans to eliminate this brand, with most properties transitioning into America's Best Value Inns.[7]
  • America's Best Value Inns: Mid-economy hotels with over 1,000 locations nationwide.[8]
  • Country Hearth Inns & Suites: An upper-economy and lower midscale brand.[9] Country Hearth Inns feature rooms, suites, and a complementary breakfast.[10]
  • Jameson Inn: A midscale chain operating primarily in the Southern United States.[11]
  • Lexington Hotels & Inns: A collection of mid-scale and upscale inns, suites, and resorts. Typical Lexington properties feature on-site dining, business centers, and fitness centers.[12] Many Lexington properties are brand conversions, but the chain has begun building new properties.[13]
  • 3 Palms Hotels & Resorts: A small chain of hotels and resorts.[14]


  • Canada's Best Value Inns A chain of economy properties located across Canada.[15]

Brands under development

  • Signature Inn: As of August 2015 Vantage plans to re-launch the inactive Signature brand as a budget chain, with newly constructed properties.[5][16]


Vantage offers two loyalty programs for its guests.

Value Club Program

Guests at America's Best Value Inn and Canada's Best Value Inn properties are eligible to sign up for a Value Club Card, which entitles them to 15% off of Best Value Inn stays, plus additional discounts from partners.[17]

Lexington Rewards

Vantage's Lexington properties participate in the Voilà Hotel Rewards program. Participants receive points and other benefits.[18]

America's Best Franchising

America's Best Franchising
OwnerVantage Hospitality 

America's Best Franchising, based in Atlanta, Georgia, was an American lodging company. Its brands comprised America's Best Inn, Country Hearth Inns & Suites, Jameson Inn, 3 Palms Hotel, Parkside Hotels, and Budgetel.[19] Of the brands, America's Best Inn was founded in Marion, Illinois,[20] The Budgetel name is a revival of a brand which was renamed Baymont Inn & Suites. Country Hearth opened its first location in 1983 as Homeplace Inn in Angleton, Texas.[21]

Budgetel Franchise System is an American-based hotel franchiser to United States and Canada. The current Budgetel was established in Atlanta, Georgia in 2007 by brothers Mike and R. C. Patel who bought the brand from Blackstone Group.[22] In 2009, America's Best Franchising, Inc. began franchising the brand.

In 2014, America's Best Franchising was acquired by Vantage Hospitality.[23] All ABF brands are now part of Vantage with the exception of Budgetel, which is part of Hospitality Lodging Systems.[24]


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