Valley station

The valley station is the lower terminal of an aerial lift, cable car, gondola lift, chairlift, rack railway or ski lift. The valley station is the counterpart of a top station. Cable cars may be boarded at both stations. The valley station is always at a lower elevation than the top station.

Valley stations on a cable car may be ordinary buildings with a docking bay or open steel structures. They are oriented in the direction of the cables. Gondola lifts, by contrast always have horizontally-oriented valley stations.


Name Valley station: Top station:
Klewenalpbahn Beckenried (420 m) Klewenalp (1590 m)
Titlisbahn Engelberg (1000 m) Titlis (3020 m)
Säntisbahn Schwägalp (1345 m) Säntis (2503 m)
Klein Matterhorn-Bahn Zermatt (1619 m) Klein Matterhorn (3885 m)
Stockhornbahn Erlenbach (720 m) Stockhorn (2190 m)
Weisshornbahn Obersee Arosa (1750 m) Weisshorn (2650 m)
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