Valley of the Stereos

Valley of the Stereos is a 1992 New Zealand short film written by Costa Botes and George Port and produced by Jim Booth and Peter Jackson.

Valley of the Stereos
Directed byGeorge Port
Produced byPeter Jackson
Jim Booth
Written byCosta Botes
George Port
StarringDanny Mulheron
Murray Keane
Release date
Running time
15 minutes


Valley of the Stereos involves an escalating battle between a hippie ('River', played by Danny Mulheron) and a metalhead (Murray Keane) who live next door to each other in the countryside. Following the metalhead's late-night music playing, the two battle over who can drive the other away with their incompatible music tastes. Each accumulates a larger and larger pile of stereos, until eventually River converts his house into a multi-stereo mecha and (accidentally) blasts both homes out of existence.


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