Valentine Davies Award

The Valentine Davies Award, named after Valentine Davies, is a special award given to a member of the Writers Guild of America, West whose contributions to the entertainment industry and the community-at-large have brought dignity and honor to writers everywhere.[1]


YearPerson(s) Reference
1962Mary C. McCall Jr. [1]
1963Allen Rivkin
1964Morgan Cox
1965James R. Webb
1966Leonard Spigelgass
1967Edmund H. North
1968George Seaton
1969Dore Schary
1970Richard Murphy
1971Dan Taradash
1972Michael Blankfort & Norman Corwin
1973William Ludwig
1974Ray Bradbury & Philip Dunne
1975Fay Kanin
1976Winston Miller
1977Carl Foreman
1978Norman Lear
1979Melville Shavelson
1980David W. Rintels
1981Arthur Orloff
1982Mort R. Lewis
1983Hal Kanter
1984Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee
1985Charles Champlin
1986Ronald Austin
1987William Froug
1988Lois Peyser
1989Michael Kanin & Garson Kanin
1990John Furia Jr.
1991Frank Pierson
1992Allan Burns
1993True Boardman
1994Phil Alden Robinson
1995Garry Marshall
1996Mike Farrell
1997Jonathan Estrin & Shelley List (posthumously)
1998Gary David Goldberg
1999Barry Kemp
2000Alan Alda
2001Paul Haggis
2002David Angell (posthumously)
2003Aaron Ruben
2004Neal Baer
2005Irma Kalish [2]
2006Not presented
2007Larry Gelbart
2008Tom Schulman
2009Carl Reiner & Victoria Riskin [3]
2010Not presented
2011Seth Freeman & Susannah Grant [4]
2012Philip Rosenthal
2013Sam Simon
2014Ben Affleck
2016John August
2017Richard Curtis
2018Dustin Lance Black


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