Valby Maskinfabrik

Valby Maskinfabrik is a former industrial site now under conversion into a mixed-use neighbourhood in the Valby district of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is located at the corner of Vigerslev Allé and Gammel Køge Landevej.


F.L. Smidth was founded by Frederik Læssøe Smidth in 1882 and the company was initially based in his mother's house in Frederiksberg.[1] In 1898 the company acquired a circa 25 ha area south of the village of Valby to build its own machine factory. The site was used for manufacturing machinery for the concrete industry. In 1950, it was the workplace of 2,000 workers. The area was decommissioned as a manufacturing site in the early 1990s.[2] De Forenede Ejendomsselskaber acquired most of the site in 2001.


The masterplan for the area was designed by Arkitema Architects. It comprises approximately 1,200 apartments and 40,000 square metres of office space.

Street names

Streets in the area are named after Danish actors and actresses. Names include:


Valby station is located just north of the area. Vigerslev Allé station is located approximately 500 metres to the west of the area and Ny Ellebjerg station is located approximately 900 metres to the south of the area.


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