Vacanze a Ischia

Vacanze a Ischia (also known as Holiday Island) is a 1957 Italian comedy film directed by Mario Camerini.[1]

Vacanze a Ischia
Directed byMario Camerini
Written byLeo Benvenuti
Mario Camerini
Piero De Bernardi
Pasquale Festa Campanile
Massimo Franciosa
Music byAlessandro Cicognini
CinematographyOtello Martelli
Release date


The lives of several people intersect as they go on vacation to enjoy a pleasant holiday on the island. A lawyer spends it in agitation due to thinking he caused the death of a youngster catching coins in the water by the boat. Then you have an engineer which is insulted by four youngsters making an atrocious prank, which makes him suspect that his wife has had a fling and she is with child that is not his. Then a group of young men chasing after the women for fun, but one of them falls in love with a nurse. There is a Frenchman who comes for a restoration of his marriage but realizes that his wife is being wooed by a young islander.



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