VIJF (formerly VIJFtv, literally: Five) started in October 2004 as SBS Belgium's second channel and a sister channel to VIER (formerly VT4).

Launched1 October 2004
Owned bySBS Belgium
Picture format625 Lines PAL (analogue), 576i SDTV (digital)
Audience share4.77% (2008, [1])
Formerly calledVIJFtv
VT5 (working name, after VT4)
TV Vlaanderen Digitaal (BE)Channel 6
Astra 1L 19.2° east12670V, 22.0, 5/6
Telenet Digital (Flanders)Channel 6
Telenet Digital TV (Brussels)Channel 105
TelenetChannel number varies
Voo (Brussels) DigitalChannel 73
Belgacom TV (VDSL) (Flanders)Channel 5
Belgacom TV (VDSL) (Brussels)Channel 54
Belgacom TV (VDSL) (Wallonia)Channel 224


On 1 October 2004, the first broadcast was that of a soccer game, even though women are the channel's target audience. By doing that the station made sure that men also would set their TV up to view VIJF.[2]

In 2005, its first full year of operation, VIJFtv gained a 5% market share in Flanders, almost matching Kanaaltwee (now 2BE) and VT4.

In January 2006, VIJFtv doubled its programming hours and began broadcasting 24 hours every day.

VIJFtv began broadcasting the American daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful (in Dutch Mooi en Meedogenloos) on 4 January 2006. It was first shown on public TV, then on VTM, but the rights were sold to SBS Belgium. That also caused an increase of the market share in the early evening.

During the Soccer World Championship, broadcast on Kanaaltwee and VT4, VIJFtv broadcast "women-friendly" programs. They did this using the slogan Vrouwen weten waarom ("Women know why"), referring to the popular Jupiler beer slogan Mannen weten waarom ("Men know why"). The formula was a success and VIJF's market share grew even further.

On 27 August 2007, VIJF relaunched with 15 new station idents. On the same day, the channel introduced in-vision continuity with three announcers: Gene Thomas, Sophie Dewaele and Els Tibau. Prior to the change in presentation, VIJFtv used Now/Next/Later visuals and voice overs.

On 3 September 2012, VIJFtv's name changed to VIJF, along with new programming and new TV shows.[3]

Internet television

In 2007, VIJF struck a deal with Zattoo so that Belgian residents can watch the channel using their online television service for free. With the closure of the Belgian Zattoo service in early 2009, VIJFtv disappeared from the platform.


Domestic shows on VIJF are including Astrid in Wonderland and Te Nemen of Te Laten which is based on the Dutch version of Deal or No Deal.

Notable imports


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