Urs Schreiber

Urs Schreiber (born 1974) is a mathematician specializing in the connection between mathematics and theoretical physics (especially string theory) and currently working as a researcher at the Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics, Department for Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Physics.[1]


Schreiber obtained his doctorate from the University of Duisburg-Essen in 2005 with a thesis supervised by Robert Graham and titled From Loop Space Mechanics to Nonabelian Strings.[2]


Schreiber's research fields include the mathematical foundation of quantum field theory.

Schreiber is a co-creator of the nLab, a wiki for research mathematicians and physicists working in higher category theory.

Selected writings

  • With Hisham Sati, Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Field and Perturbative String Theory, Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics, volume 83 AMS (2011)
  • Schreiber, Urs (2013). "Differential cohomology in a cohesive ∞-topos". arXiv:1310.7930v1 [math-ph].



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