Urey Woodson

Urey Woodson (August 16, 1859 - August 7, 1939) was a Kentucky Democrat and a newspaper editor and publisher.[1]

Urey Woodson
Born(1859-08-16)August 16, 1859
DiedAugust 7, 1939(1939-08-07) (aged 79)
OccupationNewspaper editor


He was the Kentucky railroad commissioner from 1891 to 1895. He was a member of Democratic National Committee from Kentucky from 1896 to 1912, from 1916 to 1918, and from 1924 to 1928. He was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention from Kentucky in 1932. A Presbyterian, he died on August 7, 1939 and was buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Owensboro, Kentucky.[2][3]


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