Up Pompeii! (series 1)

Up Pompeii!'s first series originally aired on BBC1 between 30 March 1970 and 11 May 1970. The pilot episode, "Up Pompeii!", premiered on the BBC's Comedy Playhouse on 17 September 1969. The first series was written by Talbot Rothwell, best remembered for his scripts for the Carry On films.

Up Pompeii! (series 1)
Country of originUK
No. of episodes7
Original networkBBC1
Original releasePilot: 17 September 1969
Series: 30 March 1970 

11 May 1970

Main actors

The main actors of the first series are:

Actor Role
Frankie Howerd Lurcio, slave to the Sextus family
Max Adrian Senator Ludricus Sextus
Elizabeth Larner Ammonia Sextus, wife of Ludricus
Kerry Gardner Nausius Sextus, son of Ludricus
Georgina Moon Erotica Sextus, daughter of Ludricus
Willie Rushton Plautus, philosopher in the clouds
Jeanne Mockford Senna the Soothsayer

Guest actors

The major guest actors of the first series are:

Actor Role Episode #
Leon Thau Noxious, owner of a bawdy house 1
Geoffrey Hughes Piteous, Noxious' aide 1
Trisha Noble High Priestess of the Vestal Virgins 1
Hugh Paddick Runs the Grand Eureka Session (a lottery) before the Vestal Virgin competition 1
Janet Mahoney Tittea, substitute virgin #1 1
Penny Brahms Virginia, substitute virgin #2 1
Sui Lin Plautus' scribe 1
Jeremy Young Ponderous, General to the mighty Cesar 2
Wendy Richard Sopia, hand maiden in the Sextus household 2
Robert Gillespie Plotter #1 2
Nicholas Smith Plotter #2 2
Michael Knowles Plotter #3 2
Colin Bean Centurion 2
Sui Lin Rent a Bit Girl 2
Derek Francis Senator Lecherous Maximus 3
Norman Mitchell Senator Stovus Primus 3
Valerie Leon Daili 3
James Ottaway Scrophulus 3
Wallas Eaton Sergeant Jankus 4
Robin Hunter Briton 4
Peter Needham Briton 4
Olwen Griffiths Hermione 5
Bill Maynard Percentus (Theatre Manager) 5
Audrey Nicholson Hernia 5
Douglas Ridley Cuspidor 5
Wallas Eaton Centurion Captain 6
Shaun Curry Spartacus 6
Larry Martyn Goaler 6
Sui Lin Prisoner 6
Lynda Baron Ambrosia 7
John Cater Castor Oilus 7
David Keran Prodigious 7
Trisha Noble Lusha 7
John Ringham Buntus 7
Mollie Sugden Flavia 7
Queenie Watts Slave 7

List of episodes

Lurcio lands in trouble after confusing a visiting senator for his msitress returning lover. Causing him to poison an honoured guest from the emperor Lurcio and his master are conscripted to fight in Britain. Lurcio is worried as he had to flee Britain after turning down an offer of marriage. Amonia becomes a camp follower and ends up paired with her husband

# Title Original airdate Prod. code
1"Vestal Virgins"30 March 1970 (1970-03-30)TBA
Senator Ludricus Sextus must select Miss Vestal Virgin of BC 72 at the 2462nd annual Festival of the Vestal Virgins (known as VV Day). The bawdy house owner Noxious wishes to discredit the Senator, because Ludricus often speaks against bawdy houses. Lurcio must find a real virgin after the Gods disprove of Noxious's substitutions, or else Ludricus faces ridicule. And the only virgin around seems to be Ludricus' son, Nausius...
2"The Ides Of March"6 April 1970 (1970-04-06)TBA
Senator Ludricus Sextus becomes embroiled in a plot to assassinate the mighty Cesar. His wife, Ammonia, asks Lurcio to stop the plot. Lurcio accidentally becomes chosen as the assassin. Ammonia rushes to Cesar to warn him. Meanwhile Lurcio is picked up by the centurions and given the choice by General Ponderous to stand in as Cesar's double, or be thrown to the lions. Ludricus finds Cesar closeted with Ammonia, and thinks Cesar is Lurcio... Confusing, but it all works out in the end. (Trivia: Frankie Howerd plays both Lurcio and Cesar).
3"The Senator And The Asp"13 April 1970 (1970-04-13)TBA
4"Britannicus"20 April 1970 (1970-04-20)TBA
5"The Actors"27 April 1970 (1970-04-27)TBA
6"Spartacus"4 May 1970 (1970-05-04)TBA
7"The Love Potion"4 May 1970 (1970-05-04)TBA

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