Unthanks Cave Natural Area Preserve

Unthanks Cave Natural Area Preserve is a 171-acre (69 ha) Natural Area Preserve in Lee County, Virginia. It protects the entrance to Unthanks Cave, which houses significant biological diversity and a wide variety of invertebrate life. The cave's streams drain a significant karst area south of the Powell River.[2]

Unthanks Cave Natural Area Preserve
Location within Virginia
LocationLee County, Virginia
Coordinates36°36′52″N 83°13′36″W[1]
Area171 acres (69 ha)
Established2004 (2004)
Governing bodyVirginia Department of Conservation and Recreation

A rare species of hydrobiid snail was first discovered in Unthanks Cave in 1986.[3] Holsingeria unthanksensis has since been found in additional cave streams in Lee County, with an additional population noted 310 miles (500 km) north in Skyline Caverns.[4] Additional unusual species found within the cave include a second hydrobiid snail, the Powell Valley planarian (Sphalloplana consimilis), the Southwest Virginia cave isopod (Caecidotea recurvata), and a cave-dwelling carabid beetle.[5]

The only known entrance to the seven-mile-long (11 km) cave was purchased by The Nature Conservancy in 1987, and was the first cave system purchased in Virginia by the organization.[6] The Nature Conservancy gave the property to the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation in 2004,[2] although they continue to conduct research at the site.[5]

Although previously popular with spelunkers due to the cave's large speleothems,[6] Unthanks Cave is today gated and inaccessible except for official scientific monitoring and inquiry.[2]

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