University of Queensland Australian Football Club

The University of Queensland Australian Football Club (UQAFC) is an amateur Australian rules football club playing in the QFA Division 1 and Women's League competitions, overseen by AFL Queensland. UQAFC home games are played at the University of Queensland's No. 7 playing oval on the corner of Sir Fred Schonell Drive and Coldridge Street, St Lucia, Brisbane.

University of Queensland
Full nameRed Lions Australian Rules Football Club (RLAFC) Inc
Nickname(s)Red Lions
Club song"It's A Grand Old Flag!"
2013 season
Club details
Founded1956 (1956)
CompetitionQFA Division 1
PresidentPeter Herring
Ground(s)Oval No.7 , University of Queensland , Coldridge Street, St Lucia. (capacity: No Seating Capacity)
Other information

Founded in 1956, the club collected the Red Lions moniker in reference to a pub in the Northern New South Wales town of Glencoe. After travelling to Armidale to compete against the University of New England for the Clem Jones Shield UQ would frequent the Red Lion Tavern on their return journey, giving birth to the Red Lion legend.

The UQAFC has since won seven Senior premierships, including a "threepeat" in 1961, 1962 & 1963. Red Lion Reserve Grade sides have claimed twelve premiership victories many of which came during extended periods of dominance through the 1980s and more recently in the new millennium. The club has a built unique heritage with its large student membership and strong old boys network resulting in a very social club atmosphere and it is very proud to cater to footballers of all abilities. Currently with eight teams and approximately 250 registered players, the Red Lions are regarded as one of the largest amateur Australian rules football club in Queensland.

Recent history

In 2006 a large increase in player numbers resulted in the formation of a third adult side for the first time since the 1970s. The Thirds team, which also included players from the Griffith University Gladiators, played in the reserves competition of Division 2 of the AFLQ State Association competition. 2006 also saw a significant improvement in performance with the Senior side finishing third overall, and the Reserves side winning the premiership.

The club continued to perform well in 2007 under new Senior Coach Travis Warren with both the senior and Reserves side reaching the preliminary final. In 2008, performances across all grades continued to improve, with the Reserves winning the Premiership, the Thirds making the Grand Final for the first time and the Seniors again narrowing missing the Grand Final to finish third.

2009 represented another year of growth for the club, with unprecedented player numbers allowing the creation of a fourth adult side for the first time. The Thirds and Fourths played as senior and reserve teams of Division 2 of the AFLQ State Association competition. The Division 2 Reserves played finals in 2010 (for the first time since stepping up from Division 3) and the club continued to grow in numbers to accommodate their four adult men's sides

The Senior Coaching role was taken over by Tim MacKinley prior to the start of the 2011 season. Both Division 1 sides finished on top of their respective ladders to take out the minor premiership, with the Reserve side capping the season with a premiership and the Seniors reaching the Grand Final.[1] The Thirds continued their improvement to record 4 victories, the most in one season since their promotion to Division 2. In 2012 the club had 3 teams make the Grand Final, with the Seconds and Fourths ultimately claiming premierships.

At the completion of the 2012 season AFL Queensland offered University a promotion into the Allied Pickfords Cup and recently retired club-captain Matthew Stewart took the reins as senior coach. The club welcomed the return of an Under 18′s side and for the first time ever also fielded Division 4 and Ladies teams. The Division 1 Reserves, Division 3 Reserves and Ladies teams all played finals in 2013, with the Fourths claiming their second premiership in a row.

Following the AFLQ’s decision to re-structure their South East Queensland competitions for 2014, the Red Lions applied for a licence in the newly re-formed Queensland Australian Football League. On 19 September 2013 the AFLQ announced that the UQAFC would form a part of the QAFL for the 2014 season. The club now proudly boasts footballing avenues for players wishing to compete in South East Queensland’s première league (QAFL), community footballers (QAFA), developing youngsters (Under 19 Colts), and ladies (QWAFL & QWAFA).

The Wests Juniors club in nearby Toowong are partners in a joint initiative Under 18 squad, the UQ Bulldogs. Players from other junior clubs in the local area are also welcomed. The majority of the club's recruitment remains the influx of sometimes inexperienced but always keen students who filter down from the University.

Randy the Red Lion

The club introduced a mascot prior to the 2011 finals campaign. Randy the Red Lion can often be seen at Oval 7 cheering on the Red Lions and helping them celebrate a win.

Honour Board


Year President Senior Coach Senior Captain Senior B&F Seniors Result Reserves Result Under 18 Result
1956 Unknown Tom Keay Ted Duhs Brian Cox
1957 Unknown Tom Keay Don McCaffrey Don McCaffrey
1958 Unknown Tom Keay Mal Nairn Unknown
1959 Unknown Tom Keay Mal Nairn Brian Gabbedy Premiers
1960 Unknown Norm Reidy Tony Burge Tony Burge
1961 Unknown Richard Flynn Tony Burge Tony Burge Premiers
1962 Unknown Richard Flynn Tony Burge Tony Burge Premiers
1963 Unknown Tom Keay Gary Crooke Tom Rieusset Premiers
1964 Unknown Tom Keay Gary Crooke Maurie Fielke
1965 Unknown Tom Keay Gary Crooke Rod Brown Premiers
1966 Unknown Brian Grienke Tom Rieusset Bill Bowness Premiers
1967 Unknown Cyril Pearson Bill Bowness J McDonald
1968 Unknown Cyril Pearson Ashley Mercy R Butler
1969 Unknown R Parr D Franks B Hunt
1970 Unknown A Page Keith Grantley B Hunt
1971 Unknown A Page Unknown Keith Grantley Premiers
1972 Unknown Tom Keay Gary Miller Keith Grantley
1973 Unknown Tom Keay Unknown Unknown
1974 Unknown Tom Lonergan Tom Lonergan P Morcombe
1975 Unknown Tom Lonergan Tom Lonergan Unknown
1976 Unknown B Vivian P Morcombe Bernie Powell
1977 Unknown B Vivian D Pini & R Jakubans Unknown
1978 Unknown Tom Lonergan Unknown D Pini
1979 Unknown B Smith Michael Byrom Michael Byrom
1980 Unknown B Smith Unknown B Cook
1981 Unknown Tom Lonergan Unknown Clive Philbrick
1982 Unknown Tom Lonergan Unknown D Dickie
1983 Unknown Jack Van Damme Unknown R Renhard Premiers
1984 Unknown Jack Van Damme Graham Sullivan Geoff Egarr Premiers Premiers
1985 Unknown David Eels Graham Sullivan Andrew McNaughton Premiers
1986 Unknown David Eels Graham Sullivan Gary Cranitch
1987 Unknown David Pie Graham Sullivan Paul O'Connor Premiers
1988 Unknown David Eels Marcus Anstey Geoff Egarr
1989 Unknown David Eels Marcus Anstey Marcus Anstey
1990 Unknown Lindsay Collison Marcus Anstey Marcus Anstey
1991 Unknown Lindsay Collison Lewis Atkinson Tom Carson
1992 Peter Wilson Lindsay Collison Lindsay Collison Tom Carson
1993 Doug Stuart Keith Rayner Lindsay Collison Lindsay Collison
1994 Lewis Atkinson Phil Kemble Mark Graham Kevin Joslin
1995 Burt Nadalin Phil Kemble Mark Graham Mark Graham
1996 Reid Maxwell Steven Potts Jim Wilkins & Steven Bell Ben Meadows
1997 Darren Smart Kevin Venville Angus Hudson M Watts
1998 Darren Smart Kevin Venville Shaun Munday Dean Waters
1999 Darren Smart Quentin Johnson Ross Stuart & Shaun Munday Andrew Stone Finalists
2000 Darren Smart Quentin Johnson Ross Stuart & Shaun Munday Jeff Deeth Preliminary Finalists
2001 Shane Elkin Quentin Johnson Ross Stuart Jeff Deeth Finalists
2002 Shane Elkin Quentin Johnson Ross Stuart Ash Lane
2003 Mark Wallace Quentin Johnson Ash Lane Jeff Deeth Preliminary Finalists
2004 David Chettle Warren Stone David Chettle Adam McKenzie
2005 Dustin Fergus Warren Stone David Chettle Aaron Connolly Preliminary Finalists Premiers
2006 Anthony Lee Damien Carroll Anthony Bix & Robert Sadler Richard Wenham Preliminary Finalists Premiers Premiers
2007 Charlie Perry Travis Warren Brian Marsden Joe Wurf
2008 Charlie Perry Travis Warren Gareth Wilkinson Aaron Connolly Premiers
2009 Scott Young Travis Warren Michael Scruton Tom Gehrmann
2010 Scott Young Ian Carter Matthew Stewart Luke Wray 6th Preliminary Finalists Elimination Finalists
2011 Scott Young Tim Mackinley Matthew Stewart Daniel Lewis Grand Finalists Premiers N/A
2012 Peter Herring Tim Mackinley Matthew Stewart Michael Stewart Grand Finalists Premiers N/A
2013 Peter Herring Matthew Stewart Michael Stewart Michael Stewart 10th Semi-Finalists 6th
2014 Peter Herring Matthew Stewart Adam Culvenor Michael Stewart 9th 10th 8th
2015 Peter Herring Darren Pfeiffer William Carlson Brodie Tebbutt 8th 6th Preliminary Finalists
2016 Peter Herring John Tootell


Year Senior Coach Senior Captain Senior B&F Seniors Result Reserves Result
2006 Andrew Nuske Josh Hanek Reyne Hondow
2007 Andrew Nuske & Tim Mackinley Andrew Nuske Aaron Poole
2008 Tim Mackinley Andrew Nuske Ben Kleverlaan
2009 Jarad Evans Scott Peeler Daniel Lutton
2010 Jarad Evans Daniel Lutton Daniel Lutton 10th Preliminary Finalists
2011 Jarad Evans Daniel Lutton Sean Powyer 8th 7th
2012 Andrew Brown Matthias Falzon Sam Noone 9th Premiers
2013 Jarad Evans Nick Davis Mark Blackman 8th Premiers
2014 Gareth Wilkinson & Jarad Evans Brad Clark Reyne Hondow Elimination Finalists Premiers
2015 Peter Rosengren Brad Clark Aidan Janetzki 7th N/A
2016 Peter Rosengren


Year Senior Coach Senior Captain Senior B&F Seniors Result Reserves Result
2013 Michael Swann & Nick Kent Tia Bool Daryl Jensen 8th N/A
2014 Michael Swann Kate Harvey Breanna Koenen 6th Semi-Finalists
2015 Michael Swann Sharni Webb Breanna Koenen 6th 5th
2016 Damien Richards

University Games

The club has unofficial links to the teams which represent the University at the Australian University Games, previously held separately for each sport and called Inter-Varsity Carnivals. In 2012 the team's Best Off Field Medal was dubbed the "Bruce Larkin Medal". The following players have received Green & Gold selection in the team of the carnival:[2] Adam Pearce, Anthony Lee & Sebastine Isu (1993), David Coxen (1996), Michael Swann (2009 & 2012), and Jared D'Roza & Madi Crowley (2013).

Year Host City Division Result Coach Captain Best Off Ground Best On Ground
1993 Brisbane One 1st Jason Howles Anthony Lee
1994 & 1995 Various Did Not Compete
1996 Canberra One Unknown
1997 to 2008 Various Did Not Compete
2009 Gold Coast Two 8th Tom McNicol Will Rowles Adam Terranova Michael Swann
2010 Perth Did Not Compete
2011 Gold Coast Two 6th Andrew Brown Alexis Foulstone Will Larkin Nick Foxcroft
2012 Adelaide One 11th John Flynn Alexis Foulstone Cheech Falzon Nick Kent
2013 Gold Coast Two 4th Nick Kent Michael Swann Cheech Falzon Sean Powyer
2014 Sydney Did Not Compete
2015 Gold Coast Did Not Compete
2016 Perth


The UQAFC has produced some footballers of note. The club's alumni includes:

  • Ken Crooke, former President of the National Party's Queensland branch
  • John Harms, sports writer
  • Malcolm Nairn, inaugural Vice-Chancellor of Charles Darwin University
  • Steve Haddan, channel 9 news reader
  • Ozzie Moore, former PGA Pro golfer
  • Wayne Swan, Deputy Prime Minister & Federal Treasurer

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