University of Poitiers

The University of Poitiers (French: Université de Poitiers) is a university in Poitiers, France. It is a member of the Coimbra Group, as one of the oldest universities of Europe. As of July 2015 it is a member of the regional university association Leonardo da Vinci consolidated University.[1]

University of Poitiers
Université de Poitiers
Latin: Universitas Pictavium
MottoDes savoirs & des talents
Knowledges and talents
PresidentYves Jean
Administrative staff
CampusUniversity town
Colors     Red
AffiliationsCoimbra Group, IRUN


Founded in 1431 by Pope Eugene IV and chartered by King Charles VII, the University of Poitiers was originally composed of five faculties: theology, canon law, civil law, medicine, and arts.

In the 16th century, the university exerted its influence over the town cultural life, and was ranked second only to Paris. Of the 4,000 students who attended it at the time, some were to become famous: Joachim Du Bellay, Jean-Louis Guez de Balzac, François Rabelais, René Descartes, Francis Bacon and Scévole de Sainte-Marthe, to name but a few.

After temporary closure during the French Revolution when provincial universities were abolished, the University of Poitiers reopened in 1796. The reinstated university was merged from several schools and contained new faculties such as the faculty of science and the faculty of letters.

They established the École nationale supérieure d'ingénieurs de Poitiers, a department which trains engineers, in 1984 after having created the Institut de sciences et techniques de Poitiers, its predecessor.

The first Confucius Institute in France was created on the campus in 2005 with the cooperation of Nanchang University and Jiujiang University.[2]

In late 2011 the University changed its logo.[3] They submitted 4 so that students and the staff were able to decide. The up-to-date logo is based on the original coat of arms while the former was something modern. Over 9,000 people participated in the selection of the new logo.


The university covers all major academic fields through its 14 Teaching and Research Departments, Institutes and Schools:

  • Teaching and Research Departments
    • Department of Law and Social Sciences
    • Department of Economics
    • Department of Basic and Applied Science
    • Department of Literature and Languages
    • Department of Human Sciences and Arts
    • Department of Sports Sciences
    • Department of Medicine and Pharmacy
  • School
  • Institutes
    • Polytechnic of Poitiers (IUT)
    • Polytechnic of Angoulême (IUT)
    • IAE University Business School (IAE Poitiers)
    • Institute of Communication and New Technologies (ICOMTEC)
    • General Administration Preparatory Institute (IPAG)
    • Institute of Industrial, Insurance and Financial Risks (IRIAF)

Moreover, its law studies were ranked as the second best in France by the French magazine "l'étudiant", in 2005.

Research teams

In the scientific domain, it has these laboratories, where ENSIP is part of:

In the legal domain, the Center for Studies on International Legal Cooperation (CECOJI) is a joint research unit (UMR) involving the University of Poitiers and the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

Life on campus

Students can play in athletic teams, or just enjoy all the sports proposed. It is also possible to play golf at the North of the campus of Poitiers and sail in La Rochelle.[4]

The Bitards are also known as the university's most famous student association.

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