University of Maryland Observatory

University of Maryland Observatory is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by the University of Maryland, College Park. It is located in College Park, Maryland, USA. The Observatory hosts free open houses for the public twice a month, where visitors receive a lecture and access to three of the Observatory's telescopes. The open houses begin at 9 PM from May to October, and at 8 PM from November to April.[2] The Washington Post named the Observatory open houses one of its seven favorite weekend excursions to do in the Washington metropolitan area in 2009.[3]

University of Maryland Observatory
Location(s)College Park, Maryland, USA
Coordinates39°00′06″N 76°57′24″W 39°00′6″N 76°57′24″W
Altitude53 m (174 ft)
Telescope styleAstronomical Teaching telescopes
NASA Refractor8 inch refractor
Astro-Physics Refractor7 inch refractor
Celestron Reflector14 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain reflector
Eichner Reflector20 inch Bent Cassegrain reflector
Location of University of Maryland Observatory
University of Maryland Observatory
General information
StatusNo longer used for professional research due to light of DC Metro area
TypeAstronomical Teaching
LocationMetzerott Road between Adelphi Road and University Blvd
University of Maryland, College Park campus
Observatory Website


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