University of Maryland Athletic Hall of Fame

The University of Maryland Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 1982 by the M Club Foundation to honor student-athletes, coaches, and administrators who made significant contributions to athletics at the University of Maryland. The Hall of Fame was established by athletic director Dick Dull, Jack Faber, Tom Fields, Al Heagy, Jim Kehoe, Art Kramer and Jack Scarbath, who determined selection criteria and the organization's by-laws. These were later approved by an Election Committee of coaches and letterwinners appointed by Dull.[1]


The Election Committee consists of the athletic director, coaches, alumni, and athletic department staff, and meets each year in May to consider nominations. Anyone is eligible to nominate candidates for induction.[1]

  • Letterwinners must be out of school for at least ten years
  • Athletic department staff must have earned a letter or served for at least 15 years
  • Record of "superior athletic accomplishments", which may include those achieved after leaving the university
  • Selection is based upon athletic merit alone
  • Candidate must be of "good character and reputation"
  • Candidates who have achieved induction into a national hall of fame merit automatic induction, provided they meet the other criteria[1]


Year Name Sport or capacity Graduated
1982Bosey BergerFootball, basketball, baseball1932
1982Joseph C. BurgerFootball, basketball, lacrosse1925
1982Curley ByrdFootball, track, baseball, baseball coach, football coach1908
1982Arthur E. CookRifleAttended
1982Geary F. EppleyFootball, track, track coach, athletic director1921
1982Bill GuckeysonFootball, basketball, track, baseball1936
1982Charles E. KellerBasketball, baseball1937
1982Fred LinkousFootball, basketball, lacrosse1928
1982Charles L. MackertFootball, assistant coach1921
1982Jim MeadeFootball, lacrosse1939
1982Julius J. RadiceFootball, basketball, baseball1930
1982Burton ShipleyFootball, basketball, baseball, basketball coach, baseball coach1914
1982Bill SuppleeFootball, basketball, track1926
1983George V. ChalmersFootball, basketball, baseball1932
1983William W. EvansFootball, basketball, lacrosse1930
1983Jack FaberBasketball, lacrosse, football coach, lacrosse coach1926
1983Norwood SothoronFootball, basketball, baseball, lacrosse1935
1984Caleb BaileyFootball, baseball1922
1984Brooke BrewerFootball, track1922
1984John F. ChristhilfLacrosse1936
1984William W. CobeyAthletic director1930
1984Joseph H. DeckmanLacrosse, football1931
1984Charles F. EllingerFootball, lacrosse1937
1984Al HeagyFootball, basketball, lacrosse, lacrosse coach1930
1984Frederick M. HewittFootball, lacrosse1936
1984John F. KellyLacrosse1937
1984Ivan M. MartyLacrosse1924
1984William G. MorrisFootball, baseball1913
1984John C. NorrisFootball, basketball, lacrosse1932
1984Edwin E. PowellLacrosse1913
1984Gordon S. PughLacrosse1932
1984Jack ScarbathFootball, lacrosse1952
1984Gerald SnyderFootball, lacrosse1929
1984Jim TatumFootball coachNon-alumnus
1984R. V. TruittLacrosse, lacrosse coach1914
1984Bob WardFootball, football coach1952
1984Albert W. WoodsFootball, football coach1933
1985Frank H. CroninTrack, boxing, coach1939
1985John F. HoughFootball, lacrosse1925
1985Thomas J. McQuadeFootball, lacrosse1924
1985Pershing L. MondorffFootball, baseball, basketball, soccer1941
1985Kenneth T. KnodeFootball, baseball1916
1985Harry Edwin SemlerFootball, baseball1922
1986Ben AlpersteinBoxing1936
1986Francis A. BuscherFootball, basketball, baseball1934
1986James R. KapplerLacrosse1957
1986Jim KehoeTrack coach, athletic director1940
1986Jessee J. KrajovicFootball, track1931
1986John W. ZaneSports information director1960
1987Thomas M. FieldsTrack1941
1987William E. KrouseFootball, wrestling, coach1941
1987Tommy MontFootball, basketball, lacrosse, football coach1947
1987George W. KnepleyBasketball, baseball1939
1987Howard V. KeeneBaseball1921
1987Charles E. WickerLacrosse, soccer1956
1988Clayton A. BeardmoreLacrosse, lacrosse coach1962
1988Bernie FaloneyFootball, baseball1953
1988John D. GilmoreFootball, track, basketball, boxing1943
1988Bud MillikanBasketball coachNon-alumnus
1988Raymond J. PoppelmanFootball, lacrosse1933
1988Doyle P. RoyalTennis, soccer, tennis coach, soccer coach1943
1988Victor G. WillisFootball, basketball, baseball1937
1989William R. CampbellSwimming coachNon-alumnus
1989Ernest FischerWrestling1954
1989James H. KeatingLacrosse1957
1989Edward RonkinBasketball1932
1989John W. SimmonsLacrosse1956
1990Hotsy AlpersteinBoxing1943
1990Ernest J. BetzLacrosse1958
1990John C. HeimLacrosse1967
1990Charles A. MayBasketball, football, lacrosse1931
1990Edward M. MinionFootball, lacrosse1938
1990Milton M. MulitzBasketball, lacrosse1940
1990Myron B. StevensBaseball, basketball, football1927
1991John B. FlynnBasketball, baseball1946
1991Stan JonesFootball1953
1991Alan LoweLacrosse1967
1991Richard M. MoranLacrosse1960
1991Edward ReiderBoxing, soccer1949
1991Gene ShueBasketball1949
1991Robert SmithFootball, baseball1942
1992Dick ModzelewskiFootball1953
1992Vince PalumboBoxing1955
1992James H. BeltSoccer1951
1992G. Irene KnoxRifle1934
1992Ray KrouseFootball1950
1994Chet HanulakFootball1954
1994William HubbellLacrosse1952
1994Mike SanduskyFootball1957
1994Alfred WyreHead trainer1947?
1994Robert JamesAthletic director1947
1995Tom BrownFootball, baseball1962
1995Tom McMillenBasketball1974
1995Sue TylerWomen's lacrosse coachNon-alumna
1995Frank UrsoLacrosse1974
1995Randy WhiteFootball1974
1995Earl WidmyerTrack, football1935
1996Frank CostelloTrack, track coach1968
1996John LucasBasketball, tennis1974
1996Bob PellegriniFootball1956
1996Margaret MitchellRifle1930
1997Michael ColeTrack1966
1997Gary CollinsFootball1961
1997Len ElmoreBasketball1974
1997Robert KopniskyWrestling1965
1997Douglas SchreiberLacrosse1973
1998John BelitzaTrack1968
1998Tara HeissBasketball1978
1998Gobel KlineWrestling1969
1998Douglas RadebaughLacrosse1975
1998Renaldo NehemiahTrack1981
1998Stan LavineFootball, team doctor1950
1999Richard CorriganLacrosse1958
1999Richard DrescherBasketball, track1970
1999Garry GarberBoxing1950
1999Paula Girven-PittmanTrack1980
1999Gary WilliamsBasketball, basketball coach1968
2000John BakerTrack1971
2000Vicky BullettBasketball1989
2000Jerry ClaiborneFootball coachNon-alumnus
2000Mike FarrellLacrosse1976
2000Kevin GloverFootball1985
2000Bill LarashLacrosse1952
2000Dick ShinerFootball1963
2000Roy SkinnerLacrosse, soccer1958
2001Deane BemanGolf1960
2001Nick KovalakidesTrack1961
2001Andy McDonaldSoccer, baseball1958
2001Alice OrtonRifle1930
2001Sam SilberLacrosse1935
2001Kim TurnerField hockey1988
2001Buck WilliamsBasketball1981
2002Lefty DriesellBasketball coachNon-alumnus
2002Dick EdellLacrosse coach
2002Gene HiserBaseball1971
2002Albert KingBasketball1981
2002Ed ModzelewskiFootball1951
2002Jasmina PerazicBasketball1983
2003Ray AltmanLacrosse1963
2003Boomer EsiasonFootball1983
2003Chris StaufferTrack1963
2003Rosalind SheppardTrack1989
2003Chris WellerWomen's basketball coach1966
2003Tom YoungBasketball1958
2004Elton JacksonBaseball coachNon-alumnus
2004Laura LeMireField hockey, lacrosse1981
2004J. D. MaarleveldFootball1985
2004Dorothy McKnightWomen's basketball coach?
2004Gregory RobertsonTrack1980
2004Bill WalkerFootball, baseball1954
2005Joe F. BlairSports information directorNon-alumnus
2005Tom CosgroveFootball1952
2005Paul McNeilWrestling1941
2005Deanna TateWomen's basketball1989
2005Jessica WilkField hockey, lacrosse1990
2005Walt WilliamsBasketball1991
2006Lisa BuenteField Hockey1990
2006Howie DareBaseball, football1957
2006Nick DavisBasketball1958
2006Christy WintersBasketball1990
2006Mike ThearleLacrosse1973
2006Deborah YowAthletic directorNon-alumna
2007Phil DenkevitzSwimming1965
2007Fred FunkGolf1980
2007Jack HeiseMeritorious service1947
2007Bob KesslerBasketball1956
2007John McHughWrestling coach1959
2007Carin PetersonField hockey, women's lacrosse1988
2007Buddy WilliamsonTrack and field1971
2008Dave DiehlAdministrator1963
2008Kelly Amonte HillerWomen's lacrosse1996
2008Kim ChorosiewskiField hockey, women's lacrosse1987
2008Thomas V. MillerMeritorious service1964
2008Keith BoothBasketball1997
2008Darryl HillFootball1964
2008Brian DoughertyLacrosse1996
2009Desmond ArmstrongSoccer1984
2009Dale CastroFootball1979
2009Conrad HemphillBaseball1954
2009Johnny HollidayBroadcasterNon-alumnus
2009Kate Kauffman-BeachField hockey1996
2009Missy MehargField hockey coachNon-alumna
2009Rennie SmithLacrosse1955
2010Leo CullenSoccer1998
2010Christine DeBowField hockey1997
2010Laura HarmonWomen's lacrosse, field hockey1995
2010Marchelle Payne-GassawayWomen's track and field1994
2010Eric WilsonFootball1985
2010Peter WorstellLacrosse1981
2012Jen AdamsWomen's lacrosse2001
2012Tom BradleyBaseball1972
2012Juan DixonBasketball2002
2012Sarah ForbesWomen's lacrosse1997
2012Leonard RodmanMeritorious service1943
2012Carla TaglientelField hockey2001
2012Cindy TimchalWomen's lacrosse coachNon-alumna
2012Paul VellanoFootball1973
2014Len BiasBasketball1986
2014Bob BoneilloLacrosse1980
2014Edward CookeTrack & Field, football1959
2014Maureen Scott DupcakField hockey, women's lacrosse1994
2014Alex KahoeWomen's lacrosse2000
2014Debbie LytleWomen's basketball1983
2014Sandy WorthAthletic trainer1973
2014Charlie WysockiFootball1982


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