United States Mixed Doubles Curling Championship

The United States Mixed Doubles Curling Championship is the national curling championship for mixed doubles curling in the United States. The winning team in the tournament typically goes on to represent the United States at that year's World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship.[1]

United States Mixed Doubles Curling Championship
2020 host cityBemidji, Minnesota
2020 arenaBemidji Curling Club
2019 championCory Christensen/John Shuster
Current edition
2019 United States Mixed Doubles Curling Championship

The 2020 Championship will be held from February 27 to March 1 in Bemidji, Minnesota.[2]

Format and qualification

As of 2019, the event consists of twelve teams participating in a two-pool preliminary round-robin, with the top three teams in each pool advancing to the playoffs. Qualification for the event is as follows:[1]

  • Previous national mixed doubles champion qualifies,
  • Previous Olympic team qualifies,
  • Two teams qualify based on being the top American finishers in two designated mixed doubles bonspiels,
  • Four teams qualify based on standings in the World Curling Tour order of merit,
  • One team may qualify based on the discretion of the USCA Director of Coaching, and
  • Three or four teams qualify based on performance in the Mixed Doubles Challenge Round tournament.

Past champions[3]

Year Winning Team Runner-up Team Host
2008Jamie Haskell/Nate HaskellCharrissa Lin/Derek Surka[4]Bemidji, MN
2009Cristin Clark/Brady ClarkJamie Haskell/Nate Haskell[5]Two Harbors, MN
2010Sharon Vukich/Mike CalcagnoCristin Clark/Sean Beighton[6]Seattle, WA
2011Cristin Clark/Brady ClarkSenja Lopac/Clayton Orvik[7]Duluth, MN
2012Cristin Clark/Brady ClarkJennifer Leichter/Alex Leichter[8]Wayland, MA
2013Maureen Stolt/Peter StoltTina Kelly/Andy Jukich[9]Bismarck, ND
2014Joyance Meechai/Steve GebauerMaureen Stolt/Peter Stolt[10]Medford, WI
2015Sarah Anderson/Korey DropkinMaureen Stolt/Peter Stolt[11]Eau Claire, WI
2016Jessica Schultz/Jason SmithAllison Pottinger/Doug Pottinger[12]Denver, CO
2017Becca Hamilton/Matt HamiltonTabitha Peterson/Joe Polo[13]Blaine, MN
2018Sarah Anderson/Korey DropkinMaureen Stolt/Peter Stolt[14]Eau Claire, WI
2019Cory Christensen/John ShusterVicky Persinger/Chris Plys[15]Seattle, WA
2020Bemidji, Minnesota


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