United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York

The United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York (in case citations, E.D.N.Y.) is the federal district court whose jurisdiction comprises Long Island (including portions of New York City) and Staten Island in New York. The court's territorial jurisdiction includes the Counties of Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, Richmond (Staten Island), Nassau, and Suffolk as well as, concurrently with the Southern District of New York, the waters of New York and Bronx counties (including New York Harbor and the East River). Courthouses are located in Brooklyn and Central Islip.

United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York
LocationTheodore Roosevelt Courthouse
More locations
Appeals toSecond Circuit
EstablishedFebruary 25, 1865
Chief JudgeDora Irizarry

The United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York represents the United States in civil and criminal litigation in the court. The current Interim United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York since January 5, 2018, is Richard Donoghue.

Appeals from the Eastern District of New York are taken to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (except for patent claims and claims against the U.S. government under the Tucker Act, which are appealed to the Federal Circuit).

On April 3, 2016, Judge Dora Irizarry became Chief Judge of the Court.


The main location is the Theodore Roosevelt Federal Courthouse at 225 Cadman Plaza East in the civic center of Brooklyn. The 15-story building was designed by Cesar Pelli. The courthouse was designed in 1995 but did not open until 2006 following redesign requirements in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing and the September 11 attacks. It replaced the six story Emanuel Celler Federal Building (built in 1962 and located next door and connected via glass atrium). In 2008 it was renamed for Theodore Roosevelt.[1] The building was originally to be renamed in honor of former New York Governor Hugh Carey but politicians backed off because Carey was alive at the time.[2] The associated prison is the Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn.

The Divisional office is in the Alfonse M. D'Amato United States Courthouse in Central Islip, New York. The courthouse designed by Richard Meier opened in 2000 and is the largest building on Long Island.[3] The 12-story building has 870,000 square feet (81,000 m2), 23 courtrooms and 24 judges' chambers.[4] It is the third largest federal courthouse in the United States (after the Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Courthouse and Thomas F. Eagleton United States Courthouse).[5]

Current judges

As of December 5, 2019:

# Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by
Active Chief Senior
50 Chief Judge Dora Irizarry Brooklyn 1955 2004–present 2016–present G.W. Bush
54 District Judge Brian Cogan Brooklyn 1954 2006–present G.W. Bush
55 District Judge Roslynn Renee Mauskopf Brooklyn 1957 2007–present G.W. Bush
56 District Judge Kiyo A. Matsumoto Brooklyn 1955 2008–present G.W. Bush
57 District Judge William Francis Kuntz Brooklyn 1950 2011–present Obama
58 District Judge Margo Kitsy Brodie Brooklyn 1966 2012–present Obama
59 District Judge Pamela K. Chen Brooklyn 1961 2013–present Obama
60 District Judge Joan Azrack Central Islip
1951 2014–present Obama
61 District Judge Ann Donnelly Brooklyn 1959 2015–present Obama
62 District Judge LaShann DeArcy Hall Brooklyn 1970 2015–present Obama
63 District Judge Rachel P. Kovner Brooklyn 1979 2019–present Trump
64 District Judge Eric R. Komitee Brooklyn 1970 2019–present Trump
65 District Judge vacant
66 District Judge vacant
67 District Judge vacant
21 Senior Judge Jack B. Weinstein Brooklyn 1921 1967–1993 1980–1988 1993–present L. Johnson
32 Senior Judge Israel Leo Glasser Brooklyn 1924 1981–1993 1993–present Reagan
35 Senior Judge Edward R. Korman Brooklyn 1942 1985–2007 2000–2007 2007–present Reagan
36 Senior Judge Raymond J. Dearie Brooklyn 1944 1986–2011 2007–2011 2011–present Reagan
38 Senior Judge Arthur Donald Spatt Central Islip 1925 1989–2004 2004–present G.H.W. Bush
39 Senior Judge Carol Bagley Amon Brooklyn 1946 1990–2016 2011–2016 2016–present G.H.W. Bush
40 Senior Judge Sterling Johnson Jr. Brooklyn 1934 1991–2003 2003–present G.H.W. Bush
41 Senior Judge Denis Reagan Hurley Central Islip 1937 1991–2004 2004–present G.H.W. Bush
42 Senior Judge Joanna Seybert Central Islip 1946 1993–2014 2014–present Clinton
44 Senior Judge Frederic Block Brooklyn 1934 1994–2005 2005–present Clinton
46 Senior Judge Allyne R. Ross Brooklyn 1946 1994–2011 2011–present Clinton
47 Senior Judge Nina Gershon Brooklyn 1940 1996–2008 2008–present Clinton
48 Senior Judge Nicholas Garaufis Brooklyn 1948 2000–2014 2014–present Clinton
49 Senior Judge Sandra J. Feuerstein Central Islip 1946 2003–2015 2015–present G.W. Bush
53 Senior Judge Eric N. Vitaliano Brooklyn 1948 2006–2017 2017–present G.W. Bush

Vacancies and pending nominations

Seat Seat last held by Vacancy reason Date of vacancy Nominee Date of nomination
8 Sandra J. Feuerstein Senior Status January 21, 2015 Gary Richard Brown May 21, 2019
2 John Gleeson Resignation March 9, 2016 Diane Gujarati
13 Joseph F. Bianco Elevation May 17, 2019
4 Dora Irizarry Senior status January 26, 2020[6]
3 Brian Cogan June 12, 2020[6]

Former judges

# Judge State Born–died Active service Chief Judge Senior status Appointed by Reason for
1 Charles Linnaeus Benedict NY 1824–1901 1865–1897 Lincoln retirement
2 Asa Wentworth Tenney NY 1833–1897 1897–1897 McKinley death
3 Edward Beers Thomas NY 1848–1929 1898–1906 McKinley resignation
4 Thomas Chatfield NY 1871–1922 1907–1922 T. Roosevelt death
5 Van Vechten Veeder NY 1867–1942 1911–1917 Taft resignation
6 Edwin Louis Garvin NY 1877–1960 1918–1925 Wilson resignation
7 Marcus Beach Campbell NY 1866–1944 1923–1944 Harding death
8 Robert Alexander Inch NY 1873–1961 1923–1958[Note 1] 1948–1958 1958–1961 Harding[Note 2] death
9 Grover M. Moscowitz NY 1886–1947 1925–1947 Coolidge death
10 Clarence G. Galston NY 1876–1964 1929–1957 1957–1964 Hoover death
11 Mortimer W. Byers NY 1877–1962 1929–1960 1958–1959 1960–1962 Hoover death
12 Matthew T. Abruzzo NY 1889–1971 1936–1966 1966–1971 F. Roosevelt death
13 Harold Maurice Kennedy NY 1895–1971 1944–1952 F. Roosevelt resignation
14 Leo F. Rayfiel NY 1888–1978 1947–1966 1966–1978 Truman death
15 Walter Bruchhausen NY 1892–1976 1953–1967 1959–1962 1967–1976 Eisenhower death
16 Joseph Carmine Zavatt NY 1900–1985 1957–1970 1962–1969 1970–1985 Eisenhower death
17 John Ries Bartels NY 1897–1997 1959–1973 1973–1997 Eisenhower death
18 Jacob Mishler NY 1911–2004 1960–1980 1969–1980 1980–2004 Eisenhower death
19 John Francis Dooling Jr. NY 1908–1981 1961–1976 1976–1981 Kennedy death
20 George Rosling NY 1900–1973 1961–1973[Note 3] Kennedy death
22 Orrin Grimmell Judd NY 1906–1976 1968–1976 L. Johnson death
23 Anthony J. Travia NY 1911–1993 1968–1974 L. Johnson resignation
24 Mark Americus Costantino NY 1920–1990 1971–1987 1987–1990 Nixon death
25 Edward Raymond Neaher NY 1912–1994 1971–1982 1982–1994 Nixon death
26 Thomas Collier Platt Jr. NY 1925–2017 1974–2001 1988–1995 2001–2017 Nixon death
27 Henry Bramwell NY 1919–2010 1974–1987 1987–2010 Ford death
28 George C. Pratt NY 1928–present 1976–1982 Ford elevation to 2d Cir.
29 Charles Proctor Sifton NY 1935–2009 1977–2000 1995–2000 2000–2009 Carter death
30 Eugene Nickerson NY 1918–2002 1977–1994 1994–2002 Carter death
31 Joseph M. McLaughlin NY 1933–2013 1981–1990 Reagan elevation to 2d Cir.
33 Frank X. Altimari NY 1928–1998 1982–1985 Reagan elevation to 2d Cir.
34 Leonard D. Wexler NY 1924–2018 1983–1994 1994–2018 Reagan death
37 Reena Raggi NY 1951–present 1987–2002 Reagan elevation to 2d Cir.
43 David G. Trager NY 1937–2011 1993–2006 2006–2011 Clinton death
45 John Gleeson NY 1953–present 1994–2016 Clinton resignation
51 Sandra L. Townes NY 1944–2018 2004–2015 2015–2018 G.W. Bush death
52 Joseph F. Bianco NY 1966–present 2006–2019 G.W. Bush elevation to 2d Cir.
  1. Recess appointment; formally nominated on December 15, 1923, confirmed by the United States Senate on January 8, 1924, and received commission the same day.
  2. Initially appointed via recess appointment by Harding; formally nominated by and received commission from Coolidge.
  3. Recess appointment; formally nominated on January 15, 1962, confirmed by the Senate on March 16, 1962, and received commission on March 17, 1962.

Chief judges

Chief judges have administrative responsibilities with respect to their district court. Unlike the Supreme Court, where one justice is specifically nominated to be chief, the office of chief judge rotates among the district court judges. To be chief, a judge must have been in active service on the court for at least one year, be under the age of 65, and have not previously served as chief judge. A vacancy is filled by the judge highest in seniority among the group of qualified judges. The chief judge serves for a term of seven years or until age 70, whichever occurs first. The age restrictions are waived if no members of the court would otherwise be qualified for the position.

When the office was created in 1948, the chief judge was the longest-serving judge who had not elected to retire on what has since 1958 been known as senior status or declined to serve as chief judge. After August 6, 1959, judges could not become or remain chief after turning 70 years old. The current rules have been in operation since October 1, 1982.

Succession of seats

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