United States Curling Association

The United States Curling Association (USCA or USA Curling) is the national governing body of the sport of curling in the United States. The goal of the USCA is to grow the sport of curling in the United States and win medals in competitions both domestic and abroad. Curling's recent popularity has swelled the USCA to 185 curling clubs and approximately 23,500 curlers in the United States.[2] The United States Olympic men's curling teams have seen success in recent years, most notably winning the gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, led by skip John Shuster.[3]

USA Curling
JurisdictionUnited States of America
AffiliationWorld Curling Federation
Headquarters5525 Clem's Way, Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54482
ChairmanCourtney Schmidt
CEORich Lepping [1]
Official website

International competition

As a member of the World Curling Federation (WCF), the USCA sends teams to represent the United States at a number of international competitions.

World Championships

The United States has been represented at numerous world curling championships, including men's, women's, mixed, junior's, senior's, mixed doubles, and wheelchair.[4]

While some world championships are open entry, such that any WCF member association that wants can a send a team, most limit the number of teams and set qualification requirements.[5] For the men's and women's championships there are a number of ways the United States can qualify to send a team:

The United States has had a team at the Men's World Championship every year since its expansion to a world event in 1961. In those 59 appearances the US team has earned 22 medals.[6] Similarly the United States has also had a team at the Women's World Championship every year since its inception in 1979, earning 6 medals in the 41 appearances.[6]


The United States has been represented in both men's and women's curling at every Winter Olympics since it was reinstated as a full event in 1998.[4] The country was also represented in the inaugural mixed doubles competition at the 2018 Winter Olympics. The United States has placed twice in the Olympic curling events, both for the men's event. In the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics the men's team earned bronze under the guidance of skip Pete Fenson.[7] Most recently, at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, skip John Shuster's team won the gold medal.[3] John Shuster and Joe Polo were on the medal winning team both years.

Curling was a demonstration event at the 1988 and 1992 Winter Olympics. The United States participated in the men's and women's events both years and the men's team earned the bronze medal in 1992.

High Performance Program

In 2010 USA Curling created the High Performance Program (HPP) to provide coaching, funding, and other resources to a selection of competitive curlers in the United States with the goal of improving the country's competitive success on the international stage. Each season 3 men's teams, 3 women's teams, 2 junior men's teams, 2 junior women's teams, and a selection of mixed doubles athletes are admitted into the program.[8] The HPP has a large coaching staff involved, overseen by director Derek Brown.[9][10] In the fall of 2018 USA Curling announced the addition of a HPP Junior Developmental Pool, an offshoot of the Junior High Performance Program to improve the curling skills of 21 curlers 16 to 18 years old.[11] In 2019 it was announced that the Chaska Curling Center in Chaska, Minnesota has selected as the USA Curling National Training Center, this gives the HPP participants a place to practice and hold events throughout the season.[12]

List of clubs

Regional associations

USA Curling member clubs are organized into eleven regional curling associations.[13]

Championship events

The United States Curling Association typically holds ten national championship events each season.[14]

Hall of Fame

In 1984 the USCA started a Hall of Fame recognize and honor individuals and teams that have achieved extraordinary distinction in curling or have made major contribution to the development of curling in the United States. As of 2018 there have been 45 individuals and 4 teams inducted into the Hall of Fame.[15] The Hall of Fame is housed at the USCA headquarters in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.[16]

The first inductee was Bud Somerville, 2-time world champion and 2-time Olympian.[17] Somerville is also included as skip of two of the four teams to have been inducted to the Hall of Fame, the 1965 World Men's Championship team and the 1975 World Men's Championship team. The other two teams that have been inducted are the 1976 World Men's Championship team and the 1978 World Men's Championship team.


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