United Protestant Church in Belgium

The United Protestant Church in Belgium (VPKB/EPUB) is a minority Christian church in Belgium, where the majority of the population is Roman Catholic. It is the largest Protestant denomination in the country. The name of the church in Dutch is Verenigde Protestantse Kerk in België (VPKB) and in French l'Église Protestante Unie de Belgique (EPUB). The church has 50,000 members.[1]

United Protestant Church in Belgium
Verenigde Protestantse Kerk in België (in Dutch)
Église Protestante Unie de Belgique (in French)
Unierte Protestantische Kirche in Belgien (in German)
OrientationReformed and Lutheran
PresidentSteven Fuite
HeadquartersAnderlecht (Brussels)
Merger ofProtestant Church of Belgium
Reformed Church of Belgium
Circle of the Belgian Reformed Churches
Official websitewww.vpkb.be / www.epub.be

The current President of the church is Steven Fuite. The offices of the church are at Brogniezstraat or Rue Brogniez in Anderlecht (Brussels). The church is a member of the Conference of European Churches and the World Communion of Reformed Churches.[2] In 2015, the church voted to ordain openly gay and lesbian pastors.[3] Ordination of women and blessings of same-sex marriages are allowed.

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