United Independent School District

United Independent School District is a school district headquartered in Laredo, Texas.

United Independent School District
201 Lindenwood Dr
Laredo, Texas

United States
Coordinates27.574168°N 99.480182°W / 27.574168; -99.480182
District information
SuperintendentRoberto J. Santos[2]
NCES District ID4843650[3]
Students and staff
Students40,885 as of 2010[3]
Teachers2,538.01 (on an FTE basis)[3]
Student-teacher ratio16.11[3]
Other information

UISD serves portions of the city of Laredo, the cities of El Cenizo and Rio Bravo, and several unincorporated areas in Webb County. The unincorporated areas include Botines, La Presa, Larga Vista, Ranchitos Las Lomas, and Ranchos Penitas West.

In 2009, the school district was rated "academically acceptable" under the accountability ratings system used by the Texas Education Agency.[4]


The district was created in 1961 via the consolidation of the former Cactus, Johnson, and Nye school districts. The "Big Three" involved in the establishment of UISD were rancher Joe B. Finley, Amparo Gutierrez, and John W. Arndt, all of whom have schools named in their honor.

By the 2000s, United ISD had a rapidly growing student population due to the burgeoning populations of many colonias along the Texas-Mexico border. As of the 2000s, United ISD gains about 1,500 students per year.[5]

On November 5, 2013, voters handily approved a $408.7 million school bond issue to acquire land, construct new schools, and expand other facilities. The tabulation in a low-turnout election was 5,148 (66.1 percent) in support and 2,643 (33.9 percent) in opposition.[6]

Standardized dress

Students in pre-Kindergarten through 8th grades are required to follow standardized dress code provided by the district; the dress code began during the 2006-2007 school year. Starting the 2007-2008 school year, high school students will also be required to follow the same standardized dress code procedures as approved by the Board of Trustees.

The Texas Education Agency specified that the parents and/or guardians of students zoned to a school with uniforms may apply for a waiver to opt out of the uniform policy so their children do not have to wear the uniform; parents must specify "bona fide" reasons, such as religious reasons or philosophical objections.


High schools

Middle schools

  • Antonio Gonzalez Middle School
  • Clark Middle School
  • George Washington Middle School
  • Lamar Bruni Vergara Middle School
  • Los Obispos Middle School
  • Raul Perales Middle School
  • Salvador Garcia Middle School
  • Trautmann Middle School
  • United Middle School
  • United South Middle School

Elementary schools

  • John W. Arndt Elementary School
  • Colonel Santos Benavides Elementary School
  • Charles R. Borchers Elementary School, named for the former district attorney of the 49th Judicial District Court and former UISD board president Charles Robert Borchers of Laredo
  • Centeno Elementary School
  • Clark Elementary School
  • Henry Cuellar Elementary School
  • De Llano Elementary School
  • Barbara Fasken Elementary School
  • Finley Elementary School
National Blue Ribbon School 1998-99
  • Bonnie L. Garcia Elementary School
  • Amparo Gutierrez Elementary School
  • United D.D. Hachar Elementary School
  • Juarez-Lincoln Elementary School
  • Kazen Elementary School
  • John F. Kennedy-Emiliano Zapata Elementary School
  • Killam Elementary School
  • Malakoff Elementary School
  • Julia Bird Jones Muller Elementary School
  • Newman Elementary School
  • Nye Elementary School
  • Perez Elementary School
  • Prada Elementary School
  • Roosevelt Elementary School
  • Ruiz Elementary School
  • Salinas Elementary School
  • Trautmann Elementary School
  • Senator Judith Zaffirini Elementary School
  • Veterans Memorial Elementary School
  • Freedom Elementary School


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