United Engine Corporation

JSC United Engine Corporation (Russian: Объединённая двигателестроительная корпорация) is a Russian state-owned company responsible for production of engines for military and civil aviation and space exploration programs.[2] It manufactures power turbines for electricity and heat generation, gas compressor units and marine gas-turbine units.

United Engine Corporation
Founded2008 (2008)
Revenue$2.83 billion[1] (2016)
$474 million[1] (2016)
$283 million[1] (2016)
Total assets$4.07 billion[1] (2016)
Total equity$238 million[1] (2016)

UEC has created a new version of the PD-14 aviation engine for the next-generation MS-21 aircraft as well as a next-generation military engine for the 5th generation fighter jet, helicopter engines etc. The company has also engineered and introduced to the market new gas-turbine units with a capacity of 60-110 mw.

Compared to other companies of the Rostec group, the financial situation of United Engine Corporation is described as "quite unstable", owing to the considerable amount of debt raised to fund asset purchases.[3]


Companies included in the group:[4][5]

  • Klimov, Saint-Petersburg (main plant , with close smaller old plant , and new plant and test center at near to north of Lahta locale , a test center in Pskov Tver area .
  • Chernyshev Moscow Engineering Plant MMP, Moscow
Tushino MKB Soyuz


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