Unicon (programming language)

Unicon is a programming language designed by American computer scientist Clint Jeffery with collaborators including Shamim Mohamed, Jafar Al Gharaibeh, Robert Parlett and others. Unicon descended from Icon and a preprocessor for Icon called IDOL. Compared with Icon, Unicon offers better access to the operating system as well as support for object-oriented programming. Unicon began life as a merger of three popular Icon extensions: an OO preprocessor named Idol, a POSIX filesystem and networking interface, and an ODBC facility. The name is shorthand for "Unified Extended Dialect of Icon."

Paradigmobject-oriented, procedural
Designed byClint Jeffery
OSCross-platform: Windows, Unix
LicenseGNU General Public License
Influenced by

Example code

procedure main()
	w := open("test UNICON window", "g")
	write(w, "Hello, World!")

See also

  • Icon - from which Unicon evolved
  • Converge - a language with similar objectives
  • Rebol - a similar web-oriented expression-based language without the use of keywords
  • Curl - another multi-paradigm web content functional language which is also expression-based but only for client-side (There is no server-side module as of March, 2008)
  • Co-routines
  • Generators
  • Continuations


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