Unemployment Insurance Act 1930

The Unemployment Insurance Act 1930 was passed in the United Kingdom in response to the economic problems emerging due to the Wall Street Crash and Great Depression. It substantially reformed the benefits system and abolished the rule that those claiming benefits must genuinely be seeking work.[1]

Unemployment Insurance Act 1930
Long titleAn Act to amend the Unemployment Insurance Acts, 1920 to 1929.
Citation1930 c.16
Royal assent6 February 1930
Commencement13 March 1930
Other legislation
Repealed byUnemployment Insurance Act 1935, Seventh Schedule
Relates toUnemployment Insurance Act 1920
Status: Repealed

The changes made by the Act to the Unemployment Insurance Acts 1920 to 1929 were temporary, section 20(7) and (8) providing that they only had effect from 13 March 1930 until 30 June 1933.[2] It was continued in force until 30 June 1934 by the Unemployment Insurance (Expiring Enactments) Act 1933.


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