Un uomo ritorna

Un uomo ritorna (also known as Revenge) is a 1946 Italian drama film directed by Max Neufeld.[2]

Un uomo ritorna
Directed byMax Neufeld
Written byAnton Giulio Majano, Ivo Ferilli and Umberto Del Giglio
Music byCarlo Innocenzi
Release date
Running time
81 minutes [1]

It was shown as part of a retrospective "Questi fantasmi: Cinema italiano ritrovato" at the 65th Venice International Film Festival.[3]


The film is set in April 1945. The engineer Sergio returns home to a town in Lazio after five years as a prisoner of war. He finds his homeland ravaged. The minefields and hydroelectric power plant were the main sources of employment and they are both destroyed. His old mother and a brother are still there but his wife Adele is working in Rome. Their son has been taken in a fascist raid. When Adele learns the son has died she goes after revenge armed with a gun.[1]


Critical reception

The film was censored and then rediscovered in 2008. A man called Giancarlo Mancini found a bad Italian copy interspersed with fragments from a French edition in Ripley's Home Video. It has been described as a mediocre melodrama with obvious implausibilities in the plot and unsuited to Neufeld.[1]

Review scores
Internet Movie Database[4]


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