Un peu de soleil dans l'eau froide

Un peu de soleil dans l'eau froide, internationally released as A Few Hours of Sunlight and A Little Sun in Cold Water, is a 1971 French film directed Jacques Deray adapted from the novel of Françoise Sagan.[1] The title quotes the poet Paul Éluard.

Un peu de soleil dans l'eau froide
Directed byJacques Deray
Written byJacques Deray
Jean-Claude Carrière
StarringClaudine Auger
Marc Porel
Judith Magre
Nadine Alari
André Falcon
Barbara Bach
Bernard Fresson
Music byMichel Legrand


In Limoges, Nathalie Silvener, a married woman falls for Gilles, a depressed and brilliant Parisian journalist, himself in a relationship with a model.



According to Cahiers du cinéma, the film is one of the most personal works of Deray.[2] Le Nouvel Observateur referred to it as "un petit film démodé comme le petit roman de Sagan" (i.e., "a little film which is old-fashioned in the same way the little novel by Sagan is").[3] Time Out was very critical, calling it "fatuous" and saying "Porel gives one of the most boring, suburban, asexual performances imaginable".[4] DVD Talk called it "dated and dull".[5]

The novel

It is based on a 1969 book by Françoise Sagan. BSCNews calls it "a superb novel", praising Sagan's "simple and poetic" style.[6]


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