Un gioco per Eveline

Un gioco per Eveline (transl.‚ÄČA Game for Eveline) is a 1971 Italian film directed by Marcello Avallone.

Un gioco per Eveline
Directed byMarcello Avallone
Produced byErnesto Di Fresco[1]
Screenplay by
Story byAugusto Guglielmi[1]
Music byMarcello Giombini[1]
CinematographyAldo Scavarda[1]
Edited byPaolo Lucignani[1]
Diva Cinematografica[1]
Distributed byPanta Cinematografica
Release date
  • 16 July 1971 (1971-07-16) (Italy)
Running time
85 minutes[1]


Director Marcello Avallone described his original desire for the film to make a film related to "the Fantastic, I wrote a 'noir', a genre we rarely did in Italy."[1] Italian film historian and critic Roberto Curti stated that the film was not a film noir, but a ghost story.[1] According to Erna Schurer, the film was funded by "a mafioso...he used to pay us by putting money inside a newspaper, I remember him coming over in weekends, carrying these small packages..."[2]

The film was shot in Mondello, Sicilly in 1969.[3]


It took two years before Un gioco per Eveline was submitted to the Italian Board of Censors.[2] was distributed theatrically in Italy by Panta Cinematografica on 16 July 1971.[1] The film grossed a total of 43,833,000 Italian lire on its domestic release.[1] Avallone was so disappointed by the results of the film, that he gave up on film and returned to television documentaries until the film Cugine mie in 1976.[2]



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