Umberto Sacripante

Umberto Sacripante (2 October 1904 – 14 January 1975) was an Italian film and stage actor.

Umberto Sacripante
Born2 October 1904 (1904-10-02)
Rome, Italy
Died14 January 1975 (1975-01-15) (aged 70)
Rome, Italy

Life and career

Born Umberto Sacripanti in Rome, Sacripante debuted on stage in 1921, and in 1926 he became first actor in the theatrical company Teatro degli Indipendenti directed by Anton Giulio Bragaglia.[1] He made his film debut in 1930, and in a short time he became one of the most active character actors of his time.[1] Thanks to his good knowledge of German language, he was also often cast in German and Austrian productions.[1] He also worked as general organizer for the production company Cines, and also was secretary of the National Syndicate of Film Actors.[1]

Personal life

Sacripante was married to Assunta Lelli. Their sons Luciano and Mauro both worked in the cinema industry, respectively as film director and executive producer.[1]

Selected filmography


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