Ulrich I, Duke of Carinthia

Ulrich I (died 7 April 1144), of the House of Sponheim, was the Duke of Carinthia and Margrave of Verona from 1135 until his death. He was the eldest son of Duke Engelbert and Uta, daughter of Burggrave Ulrich of Passau, his namesake. His father abdicated in 1135 and Ulrich was appointed his successor by the Emperor Lothair II at an imperial diet being held in Bamberg.

In 1136–37 Ulrich took part in the emperor's expedition into Italy. From 1138 on Ulrich was involved in disputes with the Carinthian nobility and with the archbishopric of Salzburg and the bishopric of Bamberg, both large landowners in Carinthia. He died in 1144 and was buried in the monastery of Rosazzo.

Ulrich married Judith, daughter of Margrave Hermann II of Baden.


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