Ukrainian Women's Volleyball Super League

The Ukrainian Women's Volleyball Super League (Ukrainian: Волейбольна Суперліга) is the highest professional women's volleyball league in Ukraine. It is organized and administrated by the Ukrainian Volleyball Federation (FVU).

Ukrainian Women's Volleyball Super League
Current season, competition or edition:
2019–20 Ukrainian Women's Volleyball Super League
AdministratorUkrainian Volleyball Federation
No. of teams8
Country Ukraine
Most recent
Khimik Yuzhne
Most titlesKhimik Yuzhne (8 titles)
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toPremier League
Domestic cup(s)Ukrainian Cup
International cup(s)CEV Champions League
CEV Challenge Cup
Official websiteUkrainian Volleyball Federation


The dissolution of the Soviet Union in late 1991 brought an end to all sports leagues played in the Soviet Union, including the Soviet Women's Volleyball Championship, which existed since 1933. The then newly formed Ukrainian Volleyball Federation (FVU) created a national league in 1992 which was called the Premier League (Ukrainian: Волейбольна Вища ліга). In 2000, the name was changed to Super League with the second tier league being renamed Premier League. There is a relegation and promotion system between the two leagues.

The best teams of the Super League are allocated places to compete in European club competition tournaments organized by the Confédération Européenne de Volleyball (CEV).

Ukrainian women's volleyball champions

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1992 Iskra Luhansk Orbita Zaporizhia Lokomotyv Dnipropetrovsk
1992–93 Orbita Zaporizhia Iskra Luhansk Krayan Odessa
1993–94 Iskra Luhansk Orbita-ZAES Zaporizhia AF Oleksandriya Bila Tserkva
1994–95 Iskra Luhansk Orbita Zaporizhia Dynamo-Jinestra Odessa
1995–96 Iskra Luhansk Dynamo-Jinestra Odessa Orbita-ZAES Zaporizhia
1996–97 Iskra Luhansk Khimvolokno-Sporttekh Cherkasy Dynamo-Jinestra Odessa
1997–98 Khimvolokno-Tryverton Cherkasy Orbita Zaporizhia Dynamo-Jinestra Odessa
1998–99 Iskra Luhansk Khimvolokno-Kruh Cherkasy Dynamo-Jinestra Odessa
1999–00 Khimvolokno-Kruh Cherkasy Dynamo-Jinestra Odessa Halychanka-Halexport Ternopil
2000–01 Dynamo-Jinestra Odessa Dynamo-Kruh Cherkasy Halychanka-Halexport Ternopil
2001–02 Dynamo-Jinestra Odessa Dynamo-Kruh Cherkasy ZDIA Zaporizhia
2002–03 Dynamo-Jinestra Odessa ZDIA Zaporizhia Kruh Cherkasy
2003–04 Dynamo-Jinestra Odessa ZDIA Zaporizhia Kruh Cherkasy
2004–05 Kruh Cherkasy Jinestra Odessa Khimvolokno Cherkasy
2005–06 Kruh Cherkasy Halychanka-Halexport Ternopil Severodonchanka Severodonetsk
2006–07 Kruh Cherkasy Jinestra Odessa Orbita-Universytet Zaporizhia
2007–08 Kruh Cherkasy Jinestra Odessa Halychanka-Halexport Ternopil
2008–09 Severodonchanka Severodonetsk Kruh Cherkasy Halychanka-Dynamo-TNEU Ternopil
2009–10 Halychanka-Dynamo-TNEU Ternopil Jinestra Odessa Kruh Cherkasy
2010–11 Khimik Yuzhne Jinestra Odessa Severodonchanka Severodonetsk
2011–12 Khimik Yuzhne Volyn Lutsk Severodonchanka Severodonetsk
2012–13 Khimik Yuzhne Volyn Lutsk Orbita-Universytet Zaporizhia
2013–14 Khimik Yuzhne Severodonchanka Severodonetsk Orbita-Universytet Zaporizhia
2014–15 Khimik Yuzhne Severodonchanka Severodonetsk Orbita-Universytet Zaporizhia
2015–16 Khimik Yuzhne Orbita-Universytet Zaporizhia Severodonchanka Severodonetsk
2016–17[1] Khimik Yuzhne Bilozgar-MedUniversytet Vinnytsia Volyn Universytet-Odyussh Lutsk
2017–18[2][3] Khimik Yuzhne Volyn Universytet-Odyussh Lutsk Halychanka-TNEU Gadz

Performance by club

Team Championships
Khimik Yuzhne 8
Iskra Luhansk 6
Kruh Cherkasy 6
Jinestra Odessa 4
Orbita-Universytet Zaporizhia 1
Severodonchanka Severodonetsk 1
Halychanka Ternopil 1


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