Ukrainian Women's Futsal Championship

The Ukrainian Women's Futsal Championship (Ukrainian: Чемпіонат України з футзалу. Вища ліга) is the top women's league of Ukrainian futsal. It was founded in 1995. It is organized by the Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU). Before, the Ukrainian teams played in the championship of the USSR. Between leagues at the end of each season, the teams exchanged - the worst drop in the lower-ranking division, their places are taken by the best team of the lower leagues. The best teams of the Premier League to play in UEFA Futsal Cup held under the auspices of the UEFA.

Ukrainian Women's Futsal Championship
Number of teams7
Level on pyramid1
International cup(s)UEFA Futsal Cup
Most championshipsNika-Universytet Poltava-10

Ukrainian women's futsall Champions

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1995 Nika Chernivtsi/Poltava Unisport Kyiv Minora Cherkasy
1996 Belichanka Kotsiubynske Unisport Kyiv Minora Cherkasy
1997 Nika Poltava Minora Cherkasy Kharkivchanka Kharkiv
1998 Nika-Universytet Poltava Unisport-Obolon Kyiv Lvivyanka Lviv
1999 Nika-Universytet Poltava Fortuna-Czeksil Chernihiv Obolon Kyiv
2000 Nika-Universytet Poltava Fortuna-Czeksil Chernihiv Belichanka Kotsiubynske
2001 Nika-Universytet Poltava Fortuna-Czeksil Chernihiv Belichanka Kotsiubynske
2002 Nika-Universytet Poltava Fortuna-Czeksil Chernihiv Belichanka Kotsiubynske
2003 Nika-Universytet Poltava Fortuna-Czeksil Chernihiv Belichanka Kotsiubynske
2004 Belichanka Kotsiubynske Spartak-Fortuna Chernihiv Nika-Universytet Poltava
2005 Nika-Universytet Poltava Belichanka Kotsiubynske Interplast Luhansk
2006 Interplast Luhansk Nika-Universytet Poltava SotsTekh Kyiv
2007 Nika-Universytet Poltava Belichanka Kotsiubynske SotsTekh Kyiv
2008 Belichanka-NPU Kotsiubynske NUKhT Kyiv KyivHaz Kyiv
2009 Belichanka-NPU Kotsiubynske Nika-Universytet Poltava NUKhT Kyiv
2010 Belichanka-NPU Kotsiubynske Olimpik Dnipropetrovsk Sparta K Kyiv
2011 Belichanka-NPU Kotsiubynske Nika-Universytet Poltava Sparta K Kyiv

Performance by club

Team Championships
Nika-Universytet Poltava 10
Belichanka-NPU Kotsiubynske 6
Interplast Luhansk 1

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