Ugo Sasso

Ugo Sasso, born Domenico Pasquale Giuseppe Sasso (23 March 1910 21 July 1981), was an Italian film and television actor.

Ugo Sasso
Ugo Sasso in The Iron Crown (1941)
Born23 March 1910
Turin, Italy
Died21 July 1981(1981-07-21) (aged 71)

Life and career

Born in Turin, in the early 1930s Sasso moved to Rome to attend the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.[1][2] He made his film debut in 1934, in Alessandro Blasetti's The Old Guard, and until his retirement in 1973 he appeared in over 100 films, sometimes in main roles.[1] He was mainly active in the adventure, historical and peplum film genres.[1] Also active on television, he was sometimes credited as Hugo Arden.[3]

Selected filmography


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