UberWriter is an open-source minimalist text editor developed by Wolf Vollprecht.

Developer(s)Wolf Vollprecht
Initial releaseJuly 9, 2012 (2012-07-09)
Stable release
2.1.2 / July 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)
Written inPython
Operating systemLinux
LicenseGNU GPL v3

UberWriter supports formatting with Markdown. It was originally created for the Ubuntu App Showdown, and has since received recognition as one of the Top 10 Ubuntu Apps of 2012[1]


  • Clean User Interface[2]
  • 'Focus' Mode greys out all but the sentence you are actively working on.
  • Fullscreen Mode
  • Inline Markdown Highlighting
  • Live Word and Character counting
  • Preview
  • Out of the box math support.
  • Export Markdown to:
    • .odt
    • .pdf
    • .epub
    • .rtf
    • .html
    • LaTex source
    • MediaWiki Markup

Relation to iA Writer

The developer credits the Mac application iA Writer as being the inspiration for UberWriter, and would like to see the two programs become compatible:

A lot of inspiration for UberWriter comes from iA Writer, which is (sadly) only available for Mac OS X users to this date. However, if you like UberWriter and own a mac, please consider buying iA Writer as I do not want to do any harm to them.

I actually would really like to see the two programs being compatible, as iA Writer is also available for iPad and iPhone. As soon as Dropbox Support comes to UberWriter this might happen.

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