US Navy Mk II talker helmet

The US Navy Mk II talker helmet was a combat helmet used by the US Navy from the Second World War and into the 1980s.[3] [4]

Mk II talker helmet
the US Navy Mk II talker helmet, worn by the man in the background in the middle of the image
TypeCombat helmet
Place of originUnited States of America
Service history
In service1942–1980s
Used byUS Navy, US Coast Guard[1]
WarsWorld War II
Production history
DesignerBeaver Edwards [2]
ManufacturerMcCord Radiators Company [2] [3]
Width28.6 cm [1]
Height21.6 cm [1]
Diameter32.4 cm [1]


In 1942, the US Navy decided to commission a special helmet for sailors posted on decks and tasked with transmitting orders by sound-powered telephone. The new helmet was to protect "exposed deck personnel" and accommodate a telephone headset; furthermore, it had to be usable while wearing a gas mask and binoculars.[2]

The helmet was made of non-magnetic Hadefield manganese steel.[3] Designated "USN MK-2",[4] was at the time largest helmet ever used in US service. [2]


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