USS Copeland (FFG-25)

USS Copeland (FFG-25) was the seventeenth ship of the Oliver Hazard Perry class of guided-missile frigates in the United States Navy. She was named for Rear Admiral Robert W. Copeland (1910–1973).

USS Copeland (FFG-25)
United States
Name: Copeland
Namesake: Rear Admiral Robert W. Copeland
Ordered: 28 February 1977
Builder: Todd Pacific Shipyards, Los Angeles Division, San Pedro, California
Laid down: 24 October 1979
Launched: 26 July 1980
Commissioned: 7 August 1982
Decommissioned: 18 September 1996
Struck: 18 September 1996
Homeport: San Diego, California
Motto: "Force For Peace"
Fate: transferred to Egyptian Navy, 18 September 1996[1]
Mubarak (F911)
Name: Mubarak
Acquired: 18 September 1996[1]
Commissioned: 13 July 1997[1]
Renamed: Alexandria, 2011
Identification: F911
Status: in active service, as of 2018[1]
General characteristics [2]
Class and type: Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate
Displacement: 4,100 long tons (4,200 t), full load
Length: 445 feet (136 m), overall
Beam: 45 feet (14 m)
Draft: 22 feet (6.7 m)
Speed: over 29 knots (54 km/h)
Range: 5,000 nautical miles at 18 knots (9,300 km at 33 km/h)
Complement: 15 officers and 190 enlisted, plus SH-60 LAMPS detachment of roughly six officer pilots and 15 enlisted maintainers
Sensors and
processing systems:
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
Aircraft carried: 1 × SH-2F LAMPS I[3]

Ordered from Todd Pacific Shipyards, Los Angeles Division, San Pedro, California on 28 February 1977 as part of the FY77 program, Copeland was laid down on 24 October 1979, launched on 26 July 1980, and commissioned on 7 August 1982. Decommissioned and stricken on 18 September 1996, she was transferred to Egypt the same day as Mubarak (F911). After the 2011 revolution the ship was renamed to remove the former ruler's name. The ship is named Alexandria (F911) now. As of 2012, she remained in active service with the Egyptian Navy.[1]

Copeland was the first ship of that name in the US Navy.


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