UN City

The UN City (Danish: FN Byen) is located in Copenhagen, and consists of two campuses that combined house 11 United Nations agencies. The plans for a UN City in Copenhagen were born in 2002, and the location at Marmormolen was selected in 2005. Campus 1 on Marmormolen currently accommodates staff members from all 11 agencies. Campus 2, located by the container port, constitutes UNICEF’s new state of the art high bay warehouse and is currently considered to be the world's largest non-food humanitarian warehouse. UN City currently accommodates 1,200 employees from 104 different countries, but has room for an estimated 1,700 employees, making it the sixth largest UN campus measured by the number of staff.[3][4] The building was designed by Danish architecture firm 3XN,[5] totals 45,000 m2 office space and 7,000 m2 basement and was inaugurated on the 4th of July 2013 by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Her Majesty Margrethe II of Denmark.[6] The building is built with a large focus on sustainability and environmental friendliness, and the calculated energy consumption for the building is less than 50 kWh/m2/year.[5] The building has been awarded with the European Commission's Green Building Award for New Buildings and LEED's Platinum-certificate.[3] The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs[6] rent UN City for the UN through official development assistance funds.

UN City
FN Byen
UN City, seen from south
General information
AddressMarmormolen 51, 2100
Town or cityCopenhagen
Coordinates55.704730°N 012.597564°E / 55.704730; 012.597564
Elevation3 m (10 ft) a.s.l.
Current tenantsUnited Nations
CostDKK 1,811,570,795.00 (May 2013)[1]
(ATP Ejendomme)[2]
Technical details
Floor count6
Design and construction
Architecture firm3xn
UN City in Copenhagen

Agencies represented

The following UN agencies are represented in UN City:[3]

The UN Live museum is also proposed to be headquartered on the site.

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