U.S. Route 45 in Illinois

U.S. Route 45 (US 45) in the state of Illinois is a major north–south U.S. Highway that runs from the Brookport Bridge over the Ohio River at Brookport north through rural sections of eastern Illinois and then through the suburbs of Chicago to the Wisconsin state line east of Antioch. This is a distance of 428.99 miles (690.39 km).[1] US 45 is the longest numbered route in Illinois.

U.S. Route 45
US 45 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by IDOT
Length428.99 mi[1] (690.39 km)
Major junctions
South end US 45 near Brookport
North end US 45 near Antioch
CountiesMassac, Johnson, Williamson, Saline, Gallatin, White, Wayne, Clay, Effingham, Shelby, Cumberland, Coles, Douglas, Champaign, Ford, Iroquois, Kankakee, Will, Cook, Lake
Highway system
IL 43IL 47

Route description


US 45 serves as the western boundary of the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign campus. Entering downtown Champaign as Neil Street, US 45 then goes east on Springfield Avenue, running concurrently with US 150. Farther east of downtown Champaign, it again serves as a boundary for the campus. Following Wright Street, US 45 then moves east on University Avenue, forming the northern border of the University. This path continues to Cunningham Avenue in Urbana. US 45 then turns onto Cunningham Avenue northward towards Chicago.

Kankakee to Hickory Hills

US 45 overlaps US 52 at an intersection with Illinois 49 east of Ashkum. US 45/52 intersects with Illinois Route 17 in Kankakee and Illinois Route 102 in Bourbonnais. Just west of Peotone, US 52 takes a westward course, and US 45 heads north. From this point on until its intersection with Cermak Road/22nd Street in Westchester, US 45 is also known as La Grange Road.

In Frankfort, US 45 intersects with US 30. From that point on until its interchange with Archer Avenue/Illinois Route 171, US 45/La Grange Road is also known as 96th Avenue (9600 W in Chicago's street grid, 96 blocks and 12 miles (19 km) west of State Street). During this stretch it intersects with Interstate 80 and US 6/159th Street in Orland Park. It also intersects Illinois Route 83 (Calumet Sag Road) for the first time in Palos Hills, just south of the Cal-Sag Channel.

Starting at 95th Street near Hickory Hills, US 45 becomes concurrent US 12 and US 20. Two miles further north, at Archer, the road loses its 96th Avenue designation; this is due to the road entering suburbs that do not use Chicago's address system, and that most of its alignment north of Archer would be at 10000 W anyway, if the address system extended to these suburbs.

Hickory Hills to O'Hare International Airport

The concurrent US 12/20/45, past 87th Street, briefly becomes a 4-lane freeway as it intersects with Illinois Route 171 (Archer Avenue) in Justice and Interstate 55 (the Stevenson Expressway) in Hodgkins (along with Interstate 294, which only has a southbound interchange ramp). North of Interstate 55, US 12/20/45 becomes a regular 4-lane highway before it intersects with the former US 66 at Joliet Road in Countryside.

In Downtown La Grange, US 12/20/45 intersects the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe railroad tracks and intersects with US 34 (Ogden Avenue), possibly the only intersection of 4 separate US routes in Illinois.

Following the intersection with US 34, US 12/20/45 passes through La Grange Park (as La Grange Road), moving in a slight northwesterly direction. After passing over Salt Creek, US 12/20/45 intersects with Cermak Road/22nd Street in Westchester and is known as Mannheim Road north of this intersection. Mannheim Road, as US 12/20/45 serves as the Eastern starting point for Illinois Route 38 (Roosevelt Road) in Hillside, has a full interchange with Interstate 290, also in Hillside, and serves as the Eastern starting point for Illinois Route 56 (briefly Washington Boulevard in Bellwood, before becoming Butterfield Road).

After passing over a Union Pacific rail yard, US 45 becomes concurrent with only US 12 in Melrose Park as US 20 breaks off at Lake Street there. US 12 and US 45 remain concurrent on Mannheim Road, passing Interstate 294 again without an interchange, but, after passing Illinois Route 19 (Irving Park Road), has a full interchange with Interstate 190, which leads directly to O'Hare International Airport or Interstate 90 East (into Chicago). This area between IL19 and IL72 once ran straight though but was realigned to the east in 1960 for the construction of O'Hare's 4R/22L runway.

O'Hare International Airport to Antioch

Past O'Hare airport, US 12/45 intersects with Illinois Route 72 in Illinois, and continues along Mannheim Road in Des Plaines. Mannheim Road ends and feeds into Lee Street at the end of an S-curve. The northbound and southbound routes are split in downtown Des Plaines between Lee Street (West 12/North 45) and Graceland Avenue (East 12/South 45). During this time, US 12/45 intersects with US 14 (Miner Street) at two separate points, due to the separation of their directions.

Just north of US 14, US 12/45 are reunited in both directions on Lee Street, only to be separated as US 12 diverges onto Rand Road and US 45 becomes Des Plaines River Road in a complicated intersection on the north side of Des Plaines, just south of Illinois Route 58.

US 45 continues along Des Plaines River Road, intersecting with Illinois 58 in Des Plaines, and eventually becomes concurrent with Illinois Route 21, Milwaukee Avenue, in Prospect Heights, until Lincolnshire (just north of Illinois Route 22) where US 45 takes a northwest route.

US 45 also intersects with Illinois Route 83 just south of Mundelein (where they exchange routes, as IL 83 goes northwest, and US 45 continues north), Illinois Route 60 in Mundelein, Illinois Route 137 in Libertyville, Illinois Route 120 in Grayslake, and Illinois Route 173 just south of the Wisconsin border.

Major intersections

Ohio River0.00.0 US 45 south PaducahContinuation into Kentucky
Brookport Bridge
MassacMetropolis5.18.2 IL 145 north Harrisburg
5.58.9 I-24 I-57, PaducahI-24 exit 37
21.434.4 IL 169 west (Karnak Road) Karnak
JohnsonVienna30.549.1 IL 146 (Vine Street) Anna
32.852.8 I-24 I-57, PaducahI-24 exit 14
45.272.7 IL 166 north Creal Springs
No major junctions
SalineHarrisburg62.099.8 IL 145 south / IL 34 south Rosiclare, MetropolisSouthern end of IL 34 concurrency
63.2101.7 IL 13 / IL 34 west Marion, ShawneetownNorthern end of IL 34 concurrency
Eldorado70.2113.0 IL 142 (State Street) McLeansboro, Equality
county line
79.1127.3 IL 141 east Omaha
WhiteNorris City83.3134.1 IL 1 Carmi, Omaha
91.6147.4 IL 14 McLeansboro, Carmi
WayneMill Shoals104.7168.5 I-64 Evansville, Mount VernonI-64 exit 110
Fairfield112.7181.4 IL 15 east (Main Street) AlbionSouthern end of IL 15 concurrency
115.2185.4 IL 15 west Mount VernonNorthern end of IL 15 concurrency
Clay137.5221.3 US 50 east OlneySouthern end of US 50 concurrency
141.3227.4 US 50 west SalemNorthern end of US 50 concurrency
Effingham165.9267.0 IL 37 south Watson
Effingham172.5277.6 US 40 west / IL 33 (Fayette Avenue)Southern end of US 40 concurrency
172.8278.1 US 40 east / IL 33 (Fayette Avenue)Northern end of US 40 concurrency
174.6281.0 I-57 / I-70 Champaign, Terre Haute, Mount Vernon, East St. LouisI-57 exit 162
No major junctions
Cumberland188.9304.0 I-57 Effingham, ChampaignI-57 exit 177
192.5309.8 IL 121 south ToledoSouthern end of IL 121 concurrency
ColesMattoon197.1317.2 I-57 Champaign, EffinghamI-57 exit 184
201.0323.5 IL 16 east (Charleston Avenue)Southern end of IL 16 concurrency
201.0323.5 IL 16 west (Charleston Avenue)Northern end of IL 16 concurrency
201.6324.4 IL 121 north (DeWitt Avenue)Northern end of IL 121 concurrency
DouglasArcola215.5346.8 IL 133 (Springfield Road) Lovington, Paris
223.2359.2 US 36 (Southline Road) Decatur, Indianapolis
ChampaignPesotum231.4372.4 I-57 Effingham, ChampaignI-57 exit 220
Champaign245.9395.7 US 150 west (Springfield Avenue)Southern end of US 150 concurrency
Urbana248.2399.4 US 150 east (University Avenue)Northern end of US 150 concurrency
249.6401.7 I-74 Danville, BloomingtonI-74 exit 184
Rantoul262.2422.0 US 136 (Champaign Avenue)
FordPaxton273.1439.5 IL 9 west (Patton Street)Southern end of IL 9 concurrency
273.4440.0 IL 9 east (Pells Street)Northern end of IL 9 concurrency
IroquoisOnarga291.6469.3 IL 54 west Roberts
Gilman294.6474.1 US 24 west ChatsworthSouthern end of US 24 concurrency
296.4477.0 US 24 east WatsekaNorthern end of US 24 concurrency
Ashkum304.8490.5 IL 116 west to I-57 Pontiac
309.4497.9 US 52 east / IL 49 south Sheldon, RankinSouthern end of US 52 concurrency
KankakeeKankakee322.5519.0 I-57 Chicago, ChampaignI-57 exit 308
324.4522.1 IL 50 north (Schuyler Avenue)
325.1523.2 IL 115 south (McMullin Dr)
325.7524.2 IL 17 east (Court Street)Southern end of IL 17 concurrency
326.1524.8 IL 17 west (Court Street)Northern end of IL 17 concurrency
Bourbonnais328.5528.7 IL 102 west (Main Street Northwest)
Will342.3550.9 US 52 west Joliet
Frankfort353.4568.7 US 30 / Lincoln Highway
MokenaOrland Park
Tinley Park tripoint
356.7574.1 I-80 Indiana, JolietI-80 exit 145
CookOrland Park360.1579.5 US 6 (159th Street)
362.5583.4 IL 7 (Southwest Highway)
365.8588.7 IL 83 (Calumet Sag Road)Interchange
Oak Lawn368.2592.6 US 12 east / US 20 east (95th Street)Southern end of US 12 & US 20 concurrency
Willow Springs370.1595.6
I-294 south (Tri-State Tollway) / IL 171 north (Archer Avenue) to 79th Street Indiana
Interchange; exit only to I-294
I-55 (Stevenson Expressway) to I-294 north Chicago, St. Louis
I-55 exit 279
Countryside372.7599.8 Historic US 66 (Joliet Road, Will Rogers Highway)
La Grange375.4604.1 US 34 (Ogden Avenue)
Westchester378.7609.5 IL 38 west (Roosevelt Road)
I-290 / IL 110 (CKC) (Eisenhower Expressway) Chicago, Rockford
I-290 exit 17
Bellwood379.9611.4 IL 56 west (Washington Boulevard)
Stone Park381.0613.2 US 20 west (Lake Street)Northern end of US 20 concurrency
381.7614.3 IL 64 (North Avenue)
Schiller Park385.2619.9
IL 19 (Irving Park Road) to I-294 north
Chicago387.0622.8 I-190 Chicago, O'HareI-190 exit 2
Rosemont388.3624.9 IL 72 (Higgins Road)
Des Plaines391.6630.2 US 14 (Miner Street, Northwest Highway, Ronald Reagan Highway)
392.1631.0 US 12 west (Rand Road)Northern end of US 12 concurrency
392.6631.8 IL 58 (Golf Road)
Prospect Heights396.1637.5 IL 21 south (Milwaukee Avenue)Southern end of IL 21 concurrency
Willow Road / Palatine Road to I-294
Wheeling398.8641.8 IL 68 (Dundee Road)
county line
Buffalo GroveWheeling line399.8643.4Lake Cook RoadInterchange
LakeVernon Hills403.1648.7 IL 22 (Half Day Road)
403.4649.2 IL 21 north (Milwaukee Avenue)Northern end of IL 21 concurrency
Mundelein407.3655.5 IL 83
407.6656.0 IL 60 (Townline Road)
410.1660.0 IL 176 (Maple Avenue)
Libertyville412.9664.5 IL 137 (Buckley Road) Volo, North ChicagoInterchange
Grayslake414.6667.2 IL 120 (Belvidere Road)
Grandwood Park418.1672.9 IL 132 (Grand Avenue)
Antioch423.7681.9 IL 173
428.99690.39 US 45 north MilwaukeeContinuation into Wisconsin
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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