U.S. Route 41 in Illinois

U.S. Route 41 (US 41) in the U.S. state of Illinois runs north from the Indiana border beneath the Chicago Skyway on Indianapolis Boulevard to the Wisconsin border north of the northern terminus of the Tri-State Tollway with Interstate 94. It is the only north–south U.S. Route to travel through a significant portion of the city of Chicago, carrying Lake Shore Drive through the central portion of the city along the lakefront. US 41 in Illinois is 64.81 miles (104.30 km) in length.[1]

U.S. Route 41
US 41 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by IDOT and CDOT
Length64.81 mi[1] (104.30 km)
ExistedNovember 11, 1926 (1926-11-11)–present
Major junctions
South end US 12 / US 20 / US 41 at Chicago
North end I-41 / I-94 / US 41 near Zion
CountiesCook, Lake
Highway system
I-41IL 41

Route description

US 41 enters Illinois running concurrently with US 12 and US 20 on the far southeast side of Chicago. They run together until the junction of 95th Street and Ewing Avenue. US 41, then continues down Ewing Avenue for one-half mile (800 m) before heading northwest–southeast along the extension of Lake Shore Drive. Lake Shore Drive continues until US 41 meets South Shore Drive and 79th Street. This is the western terminus of the Lake Shore Drive extension and US 41 continues through the South Shore neighborhood's section of South Shore Drive before reaching the southern terminus of Lake Shore Drive.

The Lake Shore Drive section of US 41 is a six- to eight-lane highway along the shores of Lake Michigan through Chicago's lakefront park system. It is a limited-access highway except for five signalized intersections near downtown Chicago.

Just short of the northern terminus of Lake Shore Drive, US 41 exits at Foster Avenue. It follows Foster Avenue west for over two miles (3.2 km) and then heads northwest on Lincoln Avenue into neighboring Lincolnwood. Between Lake Shore Drive and Lincolnwood, US 41 intersects US 14 twice; once at its terminus at Foster Avenue and Broadway, and once again at the intersection of Peterson Avenue and Lincoln Avenue.

US 41 is named Skokie Boulevard through Skokie, then its name changes to Skokie Road north of Skokie. Traveling north, it joins I-94 (Edens Expressway) westbound just north of the Old Orchard Shopping Center; they split a few miles north when US 41 becomes the Skokie Highway. The highway serves as a major north–south arterial expressway for much of its routing through Chicago's northern suburbs, as well as an oft-used alternate for truckers avoiding the cost of tolls on the Tri-State Tollway. Before reaching the Wisconsin border, US 41 rejoins I-94 at the northern terminus of the Tri-State Tollway; these two roads continue, toll-free, north one mile (1.6 km) to the Wisconsin border.


A $64 million 2-mile Lake Shore Drive extension project extended from 79th Street to 92nd Street/Ewing Avenue/Harbor Avenue as the project began in April 2012. It was made to reroute U.S. Route 41 east through the old U.S. Steel Corp site near Lake Michigan. Old U.S. Route 41 runs South Shore Drive, Baker Avenue, 85th Street, Burley Avenue, 87th Street, and Mackinaw Avenue to hit Harbor Avenue. Once a 2-mile LSD extension was complete, U.S. Route 41 would reroute eastward close to Lake Michigan as the extension was opened in October 27th, 2013[2]

Major intersections

CookChicago0.000.00 US 12 / US 20 east / US 41 south / LMCT (Indianapolis Boulevard) HammondContinuation into Indiana
I-90 west / Chicago Skyway west
Tolled; signed as "To I-90 west"; access to I-90 east is in Indiana; I-90 exit 107
1.712.75 US 12 west / US 20 west (95th Street)Northern end of US 12/US 20 overlap
6.4110.32Jeffery Drive, Marquette DriveSouthern terminus of Lake Shore Drive
6.810.9Hayes Drive (6300 South)
57th Drive to I-90 east / Chicago Skyway east
Southern end of freeway
8.213.253rd StreetSouthbound exit only
8.613.8Hyde Park Boulevard (5100 South)Southbound exit only
9.114.647th Street
10.316.6Oakwood Boulevard (3940 South)
11.318.231st Street
12.019.3 I-55 south (Stevenson Expressway) to I-90 / I-94 St. LouisNorthern terminus of I-55
12.720.418th Drive – Museum CampusNorthern end of freeway
12.920.8Waldron Drive (1600 South)At-grade intersection; northbound exit and entrance
13.221.2 Columbus Drive (300 East) to I-290Northbound exit and southbound entrance
13.221.2McFetridge Drive (1326 South)Northbound exit and entrance
13.421.6 Roosevelt Road (1200 South) to I-90 / I-94
13.822.2Balbo Drive (700 South)
14.222.9 Historic US 66 / Jackson Drive (300 South)Eastern terminus of Historic US 66
14.423.2Monroe Drive (100 South)
14.623.5Randolph Street (150 North)
14.723.7 Wacker Drive (300 North) to I-290Northbound exit is via Randolph Street; southbound exit is via Grand Avenue
15.224.5Illinois Street (500 North), Grand Avenue (530 North)
15.324.6Ontario Street (620 North)Southbound exit only
15.625.1Chicago Avenue (800 North)At-grade intersection; no southbound exit[lower-alpha 1]
15.725.3Chestnut Street (860 North)Southbound exit only
16.226.1Michigan Avenue/Oak Street (1000 North)Southbound exit and northbound entrance
16.927.2 IL 64 west (LaSalle Drive, North Avenue (1600 North))Eastern terminus of IL 64
17.828.6Fullerton Parkway (2400 North)
19.030.6Belmont Avenue (3200 North)
19.531.4Recreation Drive (3400 North)Northbound exit only
20.032.2 IL 19 west (Irving Park Road (4000 North))Eastern terminus of IL 19
20.533.0Montrose Avenue (4400 North)
20.833.5Wilson Avenue (4600 North)
21.033.8Lawrence Avenue (4800 North)
21.5134.62Lake Shore Drive northInterchange; northern end of Lake Shore Drive overlap; northbound exit and southbound entrance
22.0135.42 US 14 west (Broadway Street)Eastern terminus of US 14
25.0140.25 US 14 (Peterson Avenue)
Skokie27.944.9 IL 50 south (Cicero Avenue / Skokie Boulevard)Northern terminus of IL 50
29.547.5 IL 58 west (Dempster Street)Eastern terminus of IL 58
Wilmette32.952.9 I-94 east (Edens Expressway)Southern end of I-94 overlap; southbound exit and northbound entrance; I-94 exit 34A; exit numbers follow I-94
Northfield34.054.733Willow Road WinnetkaNorthbound exit and southbound entrance; signed as exits 33A (west) and 33B (east)
35.156.531Tower Road Winnetka, NorthfieldNorthbound entrance and southbound exit
Northbrook36.759.130 IL 68 west (Dundee Road)Northbound exit and southbound entrance; signed as exits 30A (west) and 30B (east); eastern terminus of IL 68
I-94 west (Edens Spur) Milwaukee
Northern end of I-94 overlap; interchange; northbound exit and southbound entrance; I-94 exit 29
county line
NorthbrookHighland Park
city line
37.860.8Lake Cook Road
LakeHighland Park38.461.8Clavey Road, Skokie Valley Road
38.862.4Chantilly RoadNorthbound exit and entrance
40.064.4Central Avenue, Deerfield Road Highland Park
Northern end of freeway
41.566.8 IL 22 west (Half Day Road)Separate jughandle ramps for traffic exiting onto IL 22; eastern terminus of IL 22
Lake Forest44.771.9 IL 60 west (Kennedy Road)Eastern terminus of IL 60
45.272.7Deerpath Road
Lake Bluff47.576.4 IL 176 (Rockland Road)Southbound traffic exits via Washington Avenue/Shagbark Road; northbound traffic exits via Skokie Valley Road
North Chicago49.679.8 IL 137 (Buckley Road)
Waukegan51.683.0Northpoint BoulevardSouthbound exit and entrance
52.083.7Old Skokie HighwayNorthbound exit and entrance
52.484.3 IL 120 (Belvidere Road)Interchange
52.784.8 IL 43 south (Waukegan Road)Northbound traffic from IL-43 merges onto northbound U.S. Route 41; southbound traffic from U.S. 41 to IL-43 South and IL-120 West use the same ramp
Gurnee53.285.6Washington StreetInterchange; northbound ramp also goes to Old Skokie Highway
54.086.9 IL 132 (Grand Avenue)Northbound ramp also goes to Grandville Avenue
56.190.3 IL 21 north (Riverside Drive)Northern terminus of IL 21
IL 173 (Rosecrans Road)
I-94 east (Tri-State Tollway south) Chicago, Indiana
I-41 begins
Tolled; southern end of I-41/I-94 concurrency; southern terminus of I-41; south end of freeway; southbound exit and northbound entrance; I-94 exit 1B; toll-free northbound[4]
63.3101.91 CR A1 (Russell Road)Signed as exit 1A southbound
64.81104.30 I-41 north / I-94 west / US 41 north MilwaukeeContinuation into Wisconsin
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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  1. This intersection is closed to traffic entering & exiting the drive from either direction from 6:45am–9:30am Monday through Friday (traffic light on the drive remains solid green and cones block the turning lanes and exit point; the Chestnut Street southbound exit is unaffected)


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