U.S. Route 190

U.S. Route 190 (US 190) is an east–west United States Highway in Louisiana and Texas. Segments of US 190 will be upgraded to Interstate 14 (I-14); the first 24.8-mile (39.9 km) segment was opened on January 26, 2017.

U.S. Route 190
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 90
Length875 mi (1,408 km)
Major junctions
West end I-10 at Iraan, TX
East end US 90 at Slidell, LA
StatesTexas, Louisiana
Highway system

Route description

TX 593 954
LA 282 454
Total 875 1,408


The western terminus is at a point where US 190 intersects with I-10, a few miles east of Bakersfield and 20 mi (32 km) west of the town of Iraan, in the middle of Pecos County.

It runs east through Texas Hill Country speckled with sage brush, intersecting with State Highway 305 (SH 305), crossing into Schleicher County, and intersecting with US 277 in Eldorado. Just outside Eldorado was where the raid of the Yearning for Zion Ranch gained national attention. US 190 continues east into Menard County, intersecting State Highway 864, and passing a few miles north of Fort McKavett State Historic Site, entering Menard and intersecting with US 83 north a short distance.

Continuing on a northeastward route US 190 enters McCulloch County and into Brady. As the closest city to the geographical center of Texas, the city proclaims itself the "True Heart of Texas", "where five major highways meet, making it a major gateway to all regions of the state".[2] US 190 enters Brady from the south merging and running concurrently with north US 377 and US 87 through town, intersecting Farm to Market Road 2028 (FM 2028), FM 2309, then splitting with US 87 and US 377, before exiting the city heading east. US 190 goes through Rochelle, enters San Saba County, through Richland Springs where it intersects FM 45, the communities Algerita, and Harkeyville, and into San Saba, the birthplace of actor Tommy Lee Jones, and an intersection with SH 16. Continuing east US 190 enters Lampasas County, entering Lometa, merging and running concurrently with US 183 south into the city of Lampasas. Splitting from US 183 and continuing east, US 190 runs through Kempner and into the extreme southern corner of Coryell County and Copperas Cove, which is located on the southwestern edge of Fort Hood. On the east side of Copperas Cove, a concurrency with I-14 begins. US 190 then traverses through part of Fort Hood, into Bell County and Killeen. Being directly adjacent to the main cantonment of Fort Hood, both Killeen and Copperas Cove depend on the fort and those stationed there.

US 190 next intersects and merges with I-35 through Belton and enters Temple, where I-14 ends. The highway then merges and runs concurrently with SH 36 south. Continuing east and south, US 190 passes through Rogers and enters Milam County then Cameron and merges with US 77 south for a distance. A few miles south of Cameron, US 190 merges and runs concurrently with US 79 north. In Hearne, US 190 splits with US 79 and merges to run concurrently with SH 6 south, entering Brazos County, through Benchley, and into Bryan, that is considered the heart of the Brazos Valley (Southeast Central Texas), and is part of the Bryan-College Station metropolitan area.

US 190 splits with SH 6, turning northeast and merging with SH 21 north, entering Kurten, entering Madison County also passing through North Zulch, Cottonwood and into Madisonville, before merging with I-45 south and into Walker County, then entering Huntsville, where US 190 splits heading into Eastern Texas.

Continuing east, US 190 enters San Jacinto County, Texas, passing north of Oakhurst and Point Blank, crossing Lake Livingston, entering Polk County and into Onalaska. US 190 from the west makes a semi-loop up over Lake Livingston and down to Livingston, intersecting US 59 and Business US 59 (Bus. US 59) and through Alabama-Coushatta Indian Reservation, entering Tyler County, merging with FM 256 and into Woodville. East of Woodville, FM 256 splits north and US 190 crosses BA Steinhagen Lake, into Jasper County, intersecting with SH 63 east, and in the center of Jasper intersecting with US 96. Continuing east, US 190 travels through Holly Springs and enters Newton County, proceeding into Newton. In Newton, US 190 turns south through Bon Wier, and then crosses the Louisiana line. In Newton County, US 190 has been designated one of the routes on the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail.


US 190 crosses the Sabine River and enters the western portion of Louisiana in swampy bayou terrain three miles (4.8 km) west of Merryville, Louisiana. Merryville is the location of the old Coushatta Indian village.

From Merryville the highway heads north by northeast to the community of Junction, Louisiana, also referred to as "The Junction".[3] Junction is where Louisiana Highway 111 (LA 111) and US 190 intersect and is the site of a roadside marker and the joining of two Indian trails.

From Junction, US 190 heads east to DeRidder, where it runs concurrently with US 171 south and passes several sites on the National Register of Historic Places, such as the Beauregard Parish Jail, Beauregard Parish Courthouse, and the DeRidder Commercial Historic District. US 190 runs concurrently with US 171 to Ragley, where US 190 parts with US 171 heading east. From Ragley, the two-lane highway heads nearly due east almost parallel to I-10 until Opelousas. US 190 crosses the northern reach of the Atchafalaya Basin near the Morganza Spillway en route to Baton Rouge. From Baton Rouge, US 190 passes, in places divided, through Denham Springs, Albany, Hammond, Robert, Goodbee, Covington,[lower-alpha 1] Mandeville, before reaching the eastern terminus at Slidell.

The stretch between I-12 south of Covington and the intersection with LA 22 at Mandeville is multilane divided with controlled access. The highway's eastern terminus is in the bayous near Slidell, at an intersection with US 90. This junction was once known as the "White Kitchen" after a restaurant that was once located there.[4][5]

Other designations

  • Acadiana Trail / Evangeline Highway — US 190 in Louisiana
  • Earl Rudder Freeway and Central Texas Expressway — US 190 in Texas (part of future I-14)


In the original 1926 plan, US 190 served the purpose of modern-day I-12, as the road around the north side of Lake Pontchartrain. The western terminus was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, meeting US 71 at the Baton Rouge–Port Allen ferry across the Mississippi River. US 190 followed State Route 7 (SR 7, in the pre-1955 Louisiana Highway system) east to Covington, then SR 34 from Covington to Slidell. The original eastern terminus in Slidell was at US 90 (now US 11) at the modern intersection of Front Street and Gause Boulevard.

In 1935, the route was extended west across the Mississippi River, ending in the West Texas town of Brady at an intersection with US 87.

US 190 was assigned an additional 150 miles (240 km) across the sparsely populated area south of San Angelo, Texas in 1977, replacing a section of RM 33 and all of FM 1257 and RM 1980.


The original 1926 route followed the Jefferson Highway through downtown Baton Rouge, then LA 426 (Old Hammond Highway) to the Amite River. East of Baton Rouge, significant differences from the current alignment are as follows: LA 1032 through Denham Springs; LA 1027 into Walker; LA 43 and 1040 (Old Baton Rouge Highway) between Albany and Hammond; South Range Road and LA 1067 (Old Covington Highway) between Hammond and the Tangipahoa River; and Bus. US 190 through Covington.

West of Baton Rouge, the current alignment generally follows the same route since its extension into Texas in 1935. The only major re-routing was between Deridder and Elton, where the original route followed LA 26. The portion between Oberlin and Elton was re-routed in 1937 to follow US 165 to Kinder before assuming the current alignment between Deridder and Kinder the following year. Other differences from the current route are as follows: LA 110 through Merryville; LA 3099 into DeRidder; LA 3253, 1244, 31, and 742 between Opelousas and Port Barre; Old U.S. 190 between Bayou Courtableau and Krotz Springs and between East Krotz Springs, Louisiana Krotz Springs and Lottie; LA 77 between Livonia and Rosedale; and LA 76 between Rosedale and Port Allen.

In 1937, US 190 took over the original route of US 90 from Slidell to the Rigolets Bridge (along current US 11 and LA 433) when that highway assumed its current routing into Mississippi. US 190 was given its current eastern terminus at US 90 in the 1940s, following what is now Bus. US 190 (Fremaux Avenue) through Slidell until the 1970s when it was shifted onto Gause Boulevard.

In 1951, US 190 was re-routed along Bus. US 51 (mainline US 51 at the time) and LA 22 between Hammond and Mandeville. The new route passed through Ponchatoula and Madisonville and bypassed Covington. The former route through Covington was restored in 1956.

The current US 190 near Krotz Springs is an elevated highway. The road was built as a bypass around the road called Old 190 which continues across the Morganza Spillway to the western edge of Lottie. US 190 crosses the Atchafalaya River on two cantilever bridges known as the Krotz Springs Bridge. It crosses the Mississippi River on the 1940-era Huey Long Bridge north of Baton Rouge.

The route is now used as an alternate route for I-10, across the Atchafalaya Expressway. Traffic can be diverted along LA 975 to Krotz Springs, and LA 76 to US 190/LA 1.

Junction list

TexasPecos0.00.0 I-10 Fort Stockton, El Paso, Ozona, San AntonioI-10 exit 307
4.26.8 FM 305 north McCamey, Odessa
9.415.1 SH 349 north Rankin, MidlandWestern end of SH 349 concurrency
Iraan14.022.5 SH 349 south (Drake Street) Sheffield, DrydenEastern end of SH 349 concurrency
Crockett42.167.8 SH 137 north Big Lake, StantonWestern end of SH 137 concurrency
44.070.8 SH 137 south Ozona, ComstockEastern end of SH 137 concurrency
59.095.0 SH 163 Barnhart, Sterling City, Ozona, Comstock
Schleicher80.1128.9 FM 1828 east
Eldorado92.6149.0 US 277 south Sonora, Del RioWestern end of US 277 concurrency
93.1149.8 US 277 north (Divide Street) / RM 915 north (Murchison Street) San Angelo, MertzonEastern end of US 277 concurrency
94.0151.3 RM 2596 south
110.0177.0 RM 2084 north Christoval
Menard127.0204.4 FM 864 south Fort McKavett, Sonora
Menard143.3230.6 US 83 south (Frisco Avenue) Junction, UvaldeWestern end of US 83 concurrency
144.5232.6 US 83 north Eden, BallingerNorth end of US 83 concurrency
McCulloch164.5264.7 FM 1311 south Hext
Brady175.3282.1 US 87 south / US 377 south (Bridge Street) Mason, Junction, FredericksburgWestern end of US 87/377 concurrency
175.6282.6 FM 2028 west (17th Street) Brady Reservoir, Melvin
176.1283.4 FM 2309 south (11th Street) to SH 71 east Pontotoc, Llano
176.7284.4 US 87 north (Commerce Street) Eden, San Angelo, ColemanEastern end of US 87 concurrency
176.8284.5 FM 714 east (Main Street)
177.6285.8 US 377 north (Bridge Street) Brownwood, Fort WorthEastern end of US 377 concurrency
Rochelle187.3301.4 FM 1121 west (SE 7th Street) to US 377
188.4303.2 FM 2315 north Placid
190.0305.8 FM 2822 north Mercury
San Saba197.4317.7 FM 2997 north
Richland Springs203.9328.1 FM 45 north (Carter Street) Brownwood, Camp Bowie Military Reservation
Harkeyville214.1344.6 FM 2732 west Sloan
216.1347.8 FM 1030 south
San Saba218.5351.6 SH 16 (High Street) Goldthwaite, Llano
218.6351.8 FM 1031 south (Live Oak Street)
222.0357.3 FM 580 east Nix, Bend
LampasasLometa237.6382.4 FM 581 (Main Street) Bend
238.6384.0 US 183 north (4th Street) Goldthwaite, BrownwoodWestern end of US 183 concurrency
239.3385.1 FM 3415 south – Knight Mountain
253.8408.5 US 281 north Hamilton, StephenvilleWestern end of US 281 concurrency
Lampasas254.3409.3 FM 580 east (Avenue J) PidcokeWestern end of FM 580 concurrency
254.9410.2 FM 580 west (North Avenue) Nix, BendEastern end of FM 580 concurrency
255.2410.7 Loop 257 (4th Street) Lampasas Historic District, Copperas Cove
255.5411.2 US 281 south Burnet, San AntonioEastern end of US 281 concurrency
US 183 south (Key Avenue) / US 281 Truck (Plum Street) Leander, Austin, San Antonio
Eastern end of US 183 concurrency
257.0413.6 Loop 257 west (4th Street) Lampasas Historic District
264.6425.8 FM 1715 north
Kempner266.2428.4 FM 3170 south Oakalla
267.3430.2 FM 2313 north Rumley
268.4431.9 FM 2808 east
CoryellCopperas Cove272.3438.2
Bus. US 190 east / FM 2657 south Pidcoke, Killeen, Briggs
272.9439.2 FM 116 / FM 3046 AirportInterchange; western end of freeway
275.7443.7Old Copperas Cove Road
Bus. US 190 west / Loop 9 west Pidcoke, Lampasas
I-14 begins
Westbound exit and eastbound entrance; western end of I-14 concurrency
Fort Hood277.8447.1Clarke Road
279.2449.3Bell Tower Drive
Bell279.7450.1 SH 201 south to SH 195 / Clear Creek Road Florence, Georgetown
280.5451.4North Clear Creek RoadEastbound exit only
T.J. Mills BoulevardWestbound exit (eastbound exit signed with Willow Springs Road exit)
Bus. US 190 east / Willow Springs Road Harker Heights, Nolanville
282.3454.3 SH 195 (Fort Hood Street) Florence, Georgetown
284.6458.0Trimmier Road
285.2459.0W.S. Young Drive
286.2460.6 FM 3470 (Stan Schlueter Loop) to SH 195
287.5462.7Rosewood DriveNo westbound exit (signed at Stan Schuleter Loop)
Harker Heights288.2463.8 FM 2410 (Knight's Way) Salado
289.4465.7 FM 3423 (Indian Trail)
Bus. US 190 west / Nola Ruth Boulevard Killeen, Copperas Cove
No westbound entrance
Nolanville292.8471.2 Spur 439 north (Main Street) to FM 439 Killeen, Belton
294.0473.1Paddy Hamilton Road
295.8476.0Frontage RoadNo eastbound entrance
296.5477.2 FM 2410 (Simmons Road) Killeen
297.6478.9G Wilson Road
Belton299.2481.5 FM 1670 (Stillhouse Hollow Dam Road) Salado
300.5483.6 Loop 121 Austin, Nolanville
301.3484.9 I-35 south (General Bruce Drive) / SH 317 north (Main Street) / FM 436 east (Holland Road) / Connell Street Austin, Moody, Heidenheimer
I-14 ends
Eastbound exit and entrance; Eastern end of I-14 concurrency
302.4486.7 I-35 south (General Bruce Drive) AustinEastbound exit and westbound entrance; western end of I-35 concurrency; I-35 exit 293A-B
302.6487.0 Spur 253 (Central Avenue)I-35 exit 294A
302.9487.5 FM 93 (6th Avenue) Nolanville, HeidenheimerI-35 exit 294B
Temple305.7492.0Midway DriveI-35 exit 297
306.6493.4 I-35 north (General Bruce Drive) / SH 36 north / Loop 363 north (H.K. Dodgen Loop) Waco, GatesvilleEastern end of I-35 concurrency; western end of SH 36/Loop 363 concurrency; I-35 exit 298
308.2496.057th Street, Oakdale Drive
308.5496.5 FM 1741 (31st Street)
309.4497.95th Street
310.7500.0 Spur 290 west (Veterans Memorial Drive)Eastern end of freeway; no eastbound exit
311.9502.0 SH 95 south / Loop 363 north (H.K. Dodgen Loop) Holland, TaylorInterchange; eastern end of Loop 363 concurrency
312.6503.1 FM 3117 east Oscar
Bus. US 190 east Cameron
314.0505.3 FM 93 BeltonInterchange
315.3507.4 FM 436 Belton, Little River AcademyInterchange; eastbound exit is via the FM 93 exit
Bus. US 190 west Temple
Rogers322.8519.5 FM 437 / FM 2184 (Alvin Alley) Davilla, Zabcikville
MilamBuckholts330.1531.2 FM 1915 north (4th Street)Western end of FM 1915 concurrency
330.2531.4 FM 1915 south (8th Street) DavillaEastern end of FM 1915 concurrency
333.4536.6 FM 486 south Thorndale
Cameron336.9542.2 FM 845 east Milano
338.7545.1 FM 2269 north Zabcikville
339.7546.7 US 77 north / FM 1600 south (Travis Avenue) to FM 845 west Waco, TempleWestern end of US 77 concurrency
342.3550.9 FM 2095 east Gause, Hearne
343.2552.3 US 77 south Rockdale, GiddingsEastern end of US 77 concurrency
Milano352.1566.7 US 79 south (Avenue C) Rockdale, TaylorWestern end of US 79 concurrency
353.0568.1 FM 3242 north Hanover
353.4568.7 SH 36 south Caldwell, BrenhamEastern end of SH 36 concurrency
Gause362.6583.5 FM 2095 west Cameron
Robertson368.7593.4 FM 1644 north Calvert, Franklin
370.8596.7 FM 50 south Mumford, Mooring
Hearne373.0600.3 US 79 north / SH 6 north (Market Street) / FM 391 east (Brown Street) Franklin, Marlin, WheelockInterchange; eastern end of US 79 concurrency; western end of SH 6 concurrency
378.3608.8 FM 2549 north Elliott
Benchley384.7619.1 SH OSR / Spur 231 Normangee, CaldwellWestern end of freeway
BrazosBryan387.1623.0 FM 2818 (Harvey Mitchell Parkway) College Station
Bus. SH 6 south College Station, Houston, Texas A&M University
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
388.7625.6Frontage RoadEastbound exit only
389.5626.8Woodville Road
390.7628.8 FM 974 / Wilkes Road Madisonville
392.3631.3 SH 6 south / SH 21 west Navasota, Houston, CaldwellWestern end of SH 21 concurrency; eastern end of SH 6 concurrency; Eastern end of freeway
Wixon Valley397.2639.2 FM 2776 west Tabor
Bus. SH 21 east Madisonville
400.5644.5 FM 2038 Tabor
Bus. SH 21 west Bryan
406.6654.4 FM 974 west Bryan
Madison410.1660.0 FM 2865 north
North Zulch413.8665.9 FM 39 Normangee, Mexia, IolaInterchange
414.0666.3 Loop 160 east (Trinity Avenue) Madisonville
414.5667.1 Loop 160 west (5th Street) Bryan
422.0679.1 FM 1372 south
424.4683.0 FM 1452 west NormangeeWestern end of FM 1452 concurrency
424.7683.5 FM 1452 east to SH 90 Anderson, NavasotaEastern end of FM 1452 concurrency
Madisonville426.3686.1 FM 974 north (Woodrow Street)
426.6686.5 Spur 174 south (Madison Street) to SH 90 Anderson, Navasota
426.8686.9 SH 75 (May Street) Leona, Centerville, Huntsville
428.8690.1 I-45 north / SH 21 east to Spur 104 Dallas, Crockett, NacogdochesEastern end of SH 21 concurrency; western end of I-45 concurrency; I-45 exit 142
433.9698.3 Spur 67 to SH 75I-45 exit 136
Walker438.3705.4 FM 2989 to SH 75 to FM 247I-45 exit 132
447.8720.7 FM 1696 to SH 75 / Pinedale Road Crabbs Prairie, BediasI-45 exit 123
Huntsville451.8727.1 SH 75 / FM 1791 Crabbs PrairieI-45 exit 118
454.3731.1 I-45 south / SH 30 west Houston, College StationEastern end of I-45 concurrency; western end of SH 30 concurrency; I-45 exit 116
455.1732.4 SH 75 north MadisonvilleWestern end of SH 75 concurrency
455.4732.9 FM 247 north (Avenue M) Midway
455.5733.1 SH 75 south (Sam Houston Avenue) Sam Houston State University, Conroe, WillisEastern end of SH 75 concurrency
456.2734.2 SH 30 east (Riverside Drive) Trinity, CrockettEastern end of SH 30 concurrency
457.2735.8 SH 19 Trinity, Crockett, ConroeInterchange
459.2739.0 FM 2929 south (Four Notch Road)
462.5744.3 FM 2296 south New Waverly
465.1748.5 FM 405 north Dodge, Crockett
San JacintoOakhurst470.5757.2 FM 946 Coldspring
Point Blank476.3766.5 SH 156 south Coldspring, Shepherd
479.2771.2 FM 980 Riverside, Lake Livingston
PolkOnalaska484.4779.6 FM 356 Trinity
485.1780.7 FM 3186 south Lake Livingston
485.3781.0 FM 3459 north
486.9783.6 FM 3152 east to FM 350 Moscow
490.3789.1 FM 3126 south
Livingston493.3793.9 FM 2457 west Lake Livingston
496.2798.6 FM 350 east MoscowWestern end of FM 350 concurrency
496.4798.9 FM 350 west Lake LivingstonEastern end of FM 350 concurrency
Future I-69 / US 59 Corrigan, Lufkin, Shepherd, Cleveland
US 59 exit 434B; future Interstate 69
Bus. I-69 / Bus. US 59 (Washington Avenue)
SH 146 north / FM 1316 (Houston Street) to Future I-69 / US 59 Corrigan, Lufkin, Liberty
510.2821.1 FM 1276 east Dallardsville
Coushatta Reservation
512.2824.3 FM 2500 north Camden
PR 56 Tombigbee Lake
Tyler525.8846.2 FM 256 east Colmesneil
Woodville531.1854.7 US 69 / US 287 (Magnolia Street) Lufkin, Corrigan, Kountze, Beaumont
531.6855.5 FM 1746 east Steinhagen Reservoir
541.6871.6 FM 256 west Colmesneil
543.6874.8 FM 92 Fred, Silsbee
Jasper547.0880.3 PR 48 Martin Dies Jr. State Park
550.1885.3 FM 1747 north Bevilport
550.4885.8 FM 777 Curtis
Jasper555.7894.3 FM 777
556.7895.9 SH 63 west Zavalla, LufkinWestern end of SH 63 concurrency
557.5897.2 FM 252 south (Springhill Road) Kirbyville
558.3898.5 US 96 (Wheeler Street) Pineland, San Augustine, Kirbyville, Beaumont
558.9899.5 FM 2799 west (Houston Street)
559.4900.3 SH 63 east Burkeville, LeesvilleEastern end of SH 63 concurrency
565.4909.9 FM 1408 north to SH 63
NewtonNewton572.6921.5 FM 1012 north Jamestown
573.4922.8 SH 87 Burkeville, Hemphill, Deweyville, Orange
573.8923.4 Loop 505 south (Kaufman Street) Bleakwood, DeweyvilleWestern end of Loop 505 concurrency
573.9923.6 Loop 505 north (Court Street) Burkeville, HemphillEastern end of Loop 505 concurrency
Buckhorn581.5935.8 FM 2626 Burkeville
Bon Wier583.7939.4 FM 363 west Bleakwood, Kirbyville
584.5940.7 FM 1416 south Trout Creek
Sabine River586.8
Unnamed bridge (Texas–Louisiana state line)
LouisianaBeauregardMerryville3.55.6 LA 389 south (Carter Avenue) Fields, DeQuincy
4.77.6 LA 110 east Singer, Longville
9.815.8 LA 111 north Burr Ferry
19.331.1 LA 3226 north Rosepine
DeRidder22.736.5 LA 3099 south (Texas Street) Merryville, Newton
23.137.2 US 171 north / LA 27 south (Pine Street) Leesville, DeQuincyWestern end of US 171 concurrency
25.440.9 LA 112 east Sugartown, Alexandria
26.943.3 LA 26 east Oberlin, Eunice
29.647.6 LA 394 east Dry Creek
Longville42.167.8 LA 110 west Singer, Merryville
Ragley48.477.9 US 171 south / LA 12 west Lake Charles, DeQuincy, Kinder, BeaumontInterchange; eastern end of US 171 concurrency
AllenReeves60.096.6 LA 113 north Dry Creek, Pitkin
Kinder72.0115.9 LA 1150 east (4th Avenue) to US 165
72.4116.5 US 165 Oberlin, Alexandria, Iowa, Lake Charles
73.4118.1 LA 383 south (1st Avenue) Iowa
77.0123.9 LA 99 south Welsh
Jefferson DavisElton81.1130.5 LA 395 south (Raymond Church Road) Roanoke
83.2133.9 LA 26 to LA 1130 west Oberlin, DeRidder, Jennings
parish line
Basile87.9141.5 LA 371 north (Ryan Avenue)
88.5142.4 LA 97 south Evangeline
91.8147.7 LA 3068 south
AcadiaEunice97.1156.3 LA 757 west (Bobcat Drive)
98.6158.7 LA 13 (C.C. Duson Street) Mamou, Crowley
Saint Landry LA 367 south
LA 758 north / LA 95 south Church PointWestern end of LA 95 concurrency
LA 95 northEastern end of LA 95 concurrency
LA 752 east
LA 103 north
Lawtell LA 35 south Rayne
Opelousas LA 104 west
LA 357 south
LA 182 Washington, Sunset
I-49 / US 167 Alexandria, LafayetteInterchange; I-49 exit 19 A-B
Prudhomme LaneInterchange; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
LA 743
LA 742 west
Port Barre LA 103 south LeonvilleWestern end of LA 103 concurrency
LA 103 north WashingtonEastern end of LA 103 concurrency
LA 741 Port Barre
US 71 north AlexandriaInterchange
LA 3174 east Krotz Springs
Krotz Springs LA 3178 east Krotz Springs
LA 105 MelvilleInterchange
Atchafalaya RiverSaint LandryPointe Coupee parish line
Pointe Coupee LA 975 south East Krotz SpringsInterchange
Lottie LA 81 Morganza
LA 976 south
Livonia LA 77 Morganza, Plaquemine
LA 78 north / LA 411 south
LA 978 north
LA 1 north New RoadsWestern end of LA 1 concurrency
West Baton Rouge LA 413 Erwinville
LA 983 north
LA 415Interchange
LA 1 south Port AllenInterchange; eastern end of LA 1 concurrency
LA 986 (River Road)
Mississippi RiverWest Baton RougeEast Baton Rouge parish line
East Baton RougeMississippi River turnaroundInterchange
Baton Rouge
US 61 north / US 61 Bus. / US 190 Bus. St. Francisville, Baton Rouge
Interchange; western end of US 61 concurrency
I-110 Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, Downtown Baton RougeInterchange; I-110 exit 5B
LA 67 (Plank Road)Interchange
LA 37 east / Greenwell Springs RoadInterchange

US 61 south (Airline Highway) / US 61 Bus. / US 190 Bus. New Orleans, Baton Rouge
Interchange; eastern end of US 61 concurrency
LA 423 west (Old Hammond Highway)
LivingstonDenham Springs LA 1032 (River Road)
LA 16 north / LA 3002 south to I-12 WatsonWestern end of LA 16 concurrency
LA 1031 north / LA 16 south GonzalesEastern end of LA 16 concurrency
LA 1026 southWestern end of LA 1026 concurrency
LA 1026 northEastern end of LA 1026 concurrency
Walker LA 447 Prairieville
LA 1029 north
LA 449 north Pine Grove
Satsuma LA 1024 north
Livingston LA 63 northWestern end of LA 63 concurrency
LA 63 south KillianEastern end of LA 63 concurrency
Holden LA 441
Albany LA 43 Montpelier
TangipahoaHammond I-55 Jackson, New OrleansInterchange; I-55 exit 31
LA 3260 east
US 51 Amite, Ponchatoula

US 51 Bus. (Railroad Avenue)
LA 443 north
LA 3158 south
LA 1064 north
LA 1067 south
Robert LA 445
Saint Tammany LA 1077 Goodbee
US 190 Bus. east Covington
LA 25 north Franklinton
LA 437 north

US 190 Bus. west / LA 21 north / LA 36 east Covington, Bogalusa, Pearl River
Interchange; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
I-12 Gulfport, Baton RougeInterchange; I-12 exit 63 A-B
Fairway Drive, Judge Tanner BoulevardInterchange
LA 22 west / Causeway Boulevard Madisonville, New OrleansInterchange
Mandeville LA 59 north / LA 1087 west Abita, Mandeville
LA 1089 south Fontainbleau State Park
Lacombe LA 434 southWestern end of LA 434 concurrency
LA 434 northEastern end of LA 434 concurrency
LA 433 south
US 11 / US 190 Bus. east Pearl River, Slidell
I-10 Gulfport, New OrleansI-10 exit 266
LA 1090 north

US 190 Bus. west Slidell
US 90 Bay Saint Louis, New Orleans
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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  1. West of Covington the original US 190 splits from US 190 and is signed as Bus. US 190. Bus. US 190 is joined by LA 21, and Bus. US 190 and LA 21 run concurrently through Covington until Bus. US 190 ends at US 190; LA 21 then turns northeast toward Bogalusa.


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