Tyresö FF

Tyresö Fotbollsförening is a Swedish football club in Tyresö, a municipality in Stockholm County.[1] The club was founded in 1971 and is primarily known for its main women's team, which competed in the top-tier league Damallsvenskan in the 2010–2014, 1993–1996 and 1999 seasons, winning the Swedish Championship in 2012. Notable players that have played for the team include the most capped footballer of all time Kristine Lilly, joint FIFA Female Player of the Century Michelle Akers and six time FIFA World Player of the Year Marta.

Tyresö FF
Full nameTyresö Fotbollsförening
ChairmanHans Lindberg
League1. Division

Tyresö FF are affiliated to the Stockholms Fotbollförbund.[2] In 2011 and 2012, they finished runners-up in the Swedish Cup. In the 2012 season, Tyresö won Damallsvenskan title for the first time. The club reached the 2014 Champions League Final but experienced serious financial problems that year, with the club's parent joint-stock company Tyresö Fotboll AB going bankrupt on 24 June 2014.[3][4][5] The team withdrew from the 2014–15 Champions League season, with Linköpings FC taking their spot.[6] During the 2014 season, the team withdrew from Damallsvenskan, meaning they would be relegated to the fourth-tier league Division 2.[7]

In 2017 the team started again in the third tier Division 1. It reached mid table places in the next two seasons.

The club has an associated men's team who play in the lower categories.



In 2005 a young Tyresö team were relegated to Division 3, the regionalised fourth tier of Swedish women's football. That autumn Hans Löfgren joined the club's board as football manager and presided over a swift rise through the divisions. Two successive promotions in 2006 and 2007 were followed by a year of consolidation in 2008; finishing sixth in the Division 1. Promotion back to the Damallsvenskan was secured in 2009. By attracting a network of sponsors Löfgren had funded the increasingly ambitious acquisition of new players every season. By the time the club returned to the top level Damallsvenskan in 2010, Jennifer Egelryd was the only player who remained from the 2005 Third Division team.[8]

After two fourth-placed finishes in 2010 and 2011, Tyresö won the Damallsvenskan title on the last day of the 2012 season after beating rivals LdB FC Malmö 1–0.[9] In doing so they qualified for the UEFA Women's Champions League for the first time. Löfgren had withdrawn from day-to-day involvement with the club in late 2011, after his conviction for buying sex. In Sweden it is illegal to buy sex, but not to sell it.[10]

Insolvency (2014)

The club faced serious financial problems in 2014, yet achieved sporting success. The team reached the Final of the 2013–14 UEFA Women's Champions League.[5][11]

In March 2014 reports emerged that Tyresö Fotboll AB, the female club's parent joint-stock company, was in arrears with its tax payments and on the verge of bankruptcy. Club chairman Hans Lindberg blamed loss of sponsorship and the cost of building a new stand at Tyresövallen stadium for the shortfall. The club asked the local authority for a one-off grant of SEK 2.7 million in order to continue trading, but the request was unanimously rejected.[12] Instead, a debt restructuring plan was drawn up, which included an aid project designed in cooperation with an unnamed African state.[13]

Later in March 2014, the district court in Nacka ruled that Tyresö Fotboll AB could continue with their restructuring plan. The Swedish Tax Agency had intended to block the plans and force the club out of business, but changed their minds after receiving more detailed information about repayments.[14] As the Government of Sweden guarantees the wages of citizens whose employers go bankrupt, up to SEK 176,000, the players' salaries were paid. But the club remained in a form of administration, so prize money from the UEFA Women's Champions League would go to the Government and Tax Agency first, as the highest priority creditors. This also meant that large contractual bonuses promised to the players would not be paid.[15]

It became clear that Tyresö's large and expensively assembled squad would break up. The club announced in April 2014 that leading players Marta, Caroline Seger and Verónica Boquete were all leaving the club when their contracts expired in June 2014. This was in addition to the three American players who had already committed to return to the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) when Tyresö's UEFA Women's Champions League campaign ended.[16] In late April Birmingham City Ladies manager David Parker described Tyresö FF as female "galácticos" before they beat his team 3–0 in the UEFA Women's Champions League semi-final.[17]

As of early June 2014, Tyresö Fotboll AB had racked up a debt of nearly 10 million SEK. The club filed for continued debt restructuring but it was turned down on 10 June 2014.[5] The team withdrew from the 2014–15 Champions League season, with the 2013 Damallsvenskan's third-placed team Linköpings FC taking their spot.[6] Having played eight matches in the 2014 Damallsvenskan, the team withdrew from the league on 5 June 2014 due to lack of players, meaning they would be relegated to the fourth-tier league Division 2. All their results were nullified and deleted from the table.[7]

On 24 June 2014, Tyresö Fotboll AB went bankrupt and ceased to exist. It's uncertain whether the main women's team will continue play in the 2015 season, although the club has another women's team playing in the third-tier league Division 1 as of the 2014 season.[3][4]

Season results

Season Level Division Section Position Movements
1993 Tier 1 Damallsvenskan 8th
1994 Tier 1 Damallsvenskan 6th
1995 Tier 1 Damallsvenskan 9th
1996 Tier 1 Damallsvenskan 11th Relegated
1997 Tier 2 Division 1 Mellersta
1998 Tier 2 Division 1 Mellersta 1st Promoted
1999 Tier 1 Damallsvenskan 10th Relegated
2000 Tier 2 Division 1 Norra 10th Relegated
2001 Tier 3 Division 2 Östra Svealand 4th
2002 Tier 3 Division 2 Östra Svealand 2nd
2003 Tier 3 Division 2 Östra Svealand 2nd
2004 Tier 3 Division 2 Östra Svealand 4th
2005 Tier 3 Division 2 Östra Svealand 9th Relegated
2006 Tier 4 Division 3 Stockholm B 1st Promoted
2007 Tier 3 Division 2 Östra Svealand 1st Promotion Playoffs – Promoted
2008 Tier 2 Division 1 Norrettan 6th
2009 Tier 2 Division 1 Norrettan 1st Promoted
2010 Tier 1 Damallsvenskan 4th
2011 Tier 1 Damallsvenskan 4th
2012 Tier 1 Damallsvenskan 1st Winner
2013 Tier 1 Damallsvenskan 2nd
2014 Tier 1 Damallsvenskan Withdrew midseason
Relegated per regulations
2017 Tier 3 Division 1 Södra Svealand 5th [18]
2018 Tier 3 Division 1 Södra Svealand 3rd [19]



Tyresö currently play at Tyresövallen, a football stadium located in Tyresö, Sweden. The stadium holds capacity for 2,700 spectators. It features a synthetic pitch that is 105x65 meters, an audio system and game clock.[21]


Tyresö FF games are broadcast on TV4 Sport in Sweden. Matches are also available live via the TV4 Sport website.[22]

Record in UEFA Women's Champions League

  • Further information: Tyresö FF in European football.

All results (away, home and aggregate) list Tyresö's goal tally first.

Season Round Club Away Home Aggregate
2013–14 Round of 32 Paris Saint-Germain 0–0 2–1 a 2–1
Round of 16 Fortuna Hjørring 2–1 a 4–0 6–1
Quarter-final Neulengbach 0–0 8–1 a 8–1
Semi-final Birmingham City 0–0 a 3–0 3–0
Final Wolfsburg 3–4 ( Lisbon)

a First leg.

Current squad

As of 25 May 2019[23]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
2 DF Linda Tzelidis
3 MF Josefine Lindberg
4 DF Linn Österholm
5 FW Josefine Björk
6 DF Jenny Nyberg
7 MF Jackie Bachteler
8 MF Hanna Muhammed
9 MF Rosa Sharifi
10 FW Temis Martinez Calderon
11 DF Emma Nilsson
13 FW Jessica Palmborg
No. Position Player
14 MF Rebecka Hörnsäter
15 MF Lovisa Frigren
16 DF Rebecca Nyberg
18 DF Kajsa Wahlberg
20 MF Lina Sundelin
21 GK Jessica Cederblad
23 FW Violina Naoum
25 FW Lina Årnell
26 MF Ellinor Norberg
77 GK Jennifer Bakai

Former players

For details of current and former players, see Category:Tyresö FF players.



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